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World Cup:Shamoon Hafez, BBC Sport, crazy day of football at Lusail Stadium, Doha, 3 hours ago Video caption, Highlights: Mexico out, Poland

After Poland 2-0 defeat to Argentina, which secured the top spot in Group C for the South American team, the incredible reversals occurred.Poland and Mexico were level in terms of points, goals scored, goals conceded, and goal differential after Mexico’s victory over Saudi Arabia by the same score.
With seven yellow cards compared to Poland’s five, Gerardo Martino’s Mexico were in danger of losing on Fifa’s fair play rule, becoming the second team since Senegal four years ago to do so.A goal Mexico would have scored in the extra seven minutes would have completed the swing needed for an unlikely path into the round of 16.

However, Mexico’s remarkable revival was ended by Salem Al Dawsari’s injury-time consolation goal after the team had lost their first two games.

Fifa World Cup this was the night the real Argentina stood Cup TV coverage guide: Groups and schedule .We knew we were going out.The game at Arena 974 had completed 2-0 and the one at Lusail Arena – only 18 miles away – was the equivalent scoreline, with play actually going on.
When asked by BBC Sport if he knew the other game’s outcome, Martino stated,Yes.Because of this, we scored the third goal and brought in two center forwards together.We were going out, and it was necessary at that moment, the moment we knew that Poland had fewer yellows than we did.

When Grzegorz Krychowiak was booked, my heart stopped a little because we knew it was minus three points and fair play was already taken into consideration.
So Piotr Zielinski was supposed to leave, but we used Krychowiak as a substitute because we couldn’t make the change for five minutes and were out of control of the game, and he was in danger because of the second yellow card.

My technical staff informed me that there was only a difference of two or three yellow cards, so it was very close, and.

when it was 2-0, we were in a difficult situation.I now hear that we are going to play France, but the error of Krychowiak could have caused us to return to the hotel and pack.
We were doing anything to avoid any provocation, and I advised them to avoid speaking with referees.According to a local journalist, approximately 150,000 supporters had crossed the border to attend the game, with over 60,000 expected to attend, significantly outnumbering the Mexicans.
Inshallah (God willing) was the word on each ally’s lips yet at the last whistle it was the two arrangements of fans in green who returned home disheartened.Saudi finished last in the group with just one victory, and it was a big one against Argentina. Mexico’s loss to Lionel Scaloni’s team and goalless draw against Poland proved costly.
Their few fans were enthralled by Henry Martin’s close-range goal and Luis Chavez’s stunning free kick, and the Mariachi band behind the goal tried its best to get the ball in the net once more.With the knowledge that their journey had come to an end, Mexico players and supporters embraced at the final whistle, while some fans wept in shock.
Poland’s survival was in question, and the players on the field appeared unconcerned for the majority of the second half.They were simply hanging on and hoping not to lose by more than the final score of 2-0; they were not racing forward in search of a goal.
When Mexico scored their second goal, many Poles threw their heads in the air. When Argentina, deservedly, made it 2-0, they knew they were going to survive the tournament solely on yellow cards.

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