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World’s Strongest Man Winners List

The world has seen numerous Strongest Man and toper winner lists. This is why the list of the 10 of the most powerful men ever to be found is accessible. Check World’s Strongest Man Winners List.

 A few more first-place finishes will have pushed Samuelsson to the top of this list. The World’s Strongest Man is currently competing with the best in MMA with a moderate amount of achievement.

Worlds Strongest Man Winners List
World’s Strongest Man Winners List

World’s Strongest Man Winners List

9. Magnus Samuelsson

Famous for his amazing arm strength, this Swedish strongman was the winner of the WSM contest in 1998. He was a champion in arm wrestling (as was his maternal grandmother). He married to Sweden’s Strongest Woman champion to form the strongest family in the world. Especially, Samuelsson holds the record for the most WSM appearances with 13 and holds a part of the record for the most WSM finals with 10.

8. Jamie Reeves

As the replacement of perhaps the most grounded competitor on this rundown. Reeves was the holder of his title as England’s toughest man for more than a decade during the last 50% of the 1980s and into the mid-1990s. He was the winner of his first World’s Strongest Man competition in 1989 and was on the podium on all three of his appearances at the WSM.

Jamie Reeves was likewise acclaimed for breaking his own (at that point) record of 274 years by outfit lifting a set of larger barrels that gauged more than 1800 pounds. He was retired in the late 1990s and was appointed an official judge for the next strength-based competitions.

7. Jouko Ahola

This Finnish athlete joins the elite group of twice winners of World’s Strongest Man. The back-to-back wins of Ahola put him in a much less prestigious class of the champions. While not among the greatest champs of the opposition, Ahola compensated for his 6-foot-1, 275-pound outline with speed and assurance.

Subsequent to venturing down from rivalries for strongmen, Ahola has sought after an acting profession through the jobs on TV and film and most as of late, on the History Channel show “Vikings.”

6. Geoff Capes

The most famous British strength athlete to ever compete in the contest, Capes took home two championships in the mid-1980s and became the only third individual to win many wins. He also ended his professional career by securing six podiums at the World’s Strongest Men event.

Three other competitors have more podiums throughout the course of the event. But, he is less prominent on this list due to the fact that the time he participated was thought by many to be an in-between time in the competition.

5. Jon Pall Sigmarsson

The Icelandic strongman had a pulsating presence that had crowds revving up by his shouts and chants before his attempts at lifting. Sigmarsson has the distinction of being the first to have won the four World’s Strongest Man titles.

He beat WSM legendary Bill Kazmaier in his return to the competition in 1988. He could be the greatest athlete of all time had his career and his life had not been cut short by a fatal heart attack at the age of 32.

4. Magnus Ver Magnusson

The Icelandic competitor was a piece of his individual nation man Jon Pall Sigmarsson as the second-time four-time champions from the little Scandinavian country. He is higher on this list because of the remarkable nature of his wins as well as the high standard of competition in his time.

In the first six visits to the event, Magnusson never finished below 2 2nd spot, setting up him as one of the top competitor’s rivals throughout the entire existence of rivalry for strongman. Magnusson was a retired athlete in 1997 following having failed to make it to the finals, only by one point, during his seventh visit to the WSM competition.

3. Brian Shaw

American Brian Shaw is the current ruling World’s Strongest Man, having asserted many times in general in the 2015 occasion in Malaysia. This is the third time that he has tied Shaw with the second man on this list the most wins for someone who is an American since the event began in 1977.

And with his third win at 33, he could be at the peak of his career and is ready for a fight to keep his crown. The man of immense stature attributes that his accomplishment to a rigorous routine of training and an eight-meal-a-day diet.

2. Bill Kazmaier

Born 1953 in 1953, the American athlete was the winner of 3 consecutive WSM titles in 1981, 1980, and 1982. There is a rumor that the athlete was disqualified in 1983 due to the fact that the organizers thought he was too skilled to make the contest fascinating.

Then, after five years, he returned yet he couldn’t get back to the title-winning execution of his past. We will never know the number of titles he might have won if he had been invited to take part in the mid-80s but “Kaz” was recognized as one of only four individuals to be enlisted into the “World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame.”

 1. Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski is the only five-time winner during the history of the world’s strongest man competition. This alone is enough to warrant his right to be at the top of the list. But, his more impressive stats are much more remarkable. Pudzianowski was the winner of an incredible 42 of 59 different competitions/events for strongmen throughout his career.

He was selected almost to be inducted into his place in the WSM Hall of Fame. With a height of six feet, one” at 285 pounds the Polish strongman is among the weaker champions, but his size didn’t affect his strength.

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