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WWE: Backstage footage of The Undertaker making an apology to Roman Reigns

WWE: Backstage footage of The Undertaker making an apology to Roman Reigns following their match in 2017. At WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns in a match that many people thought would be his last, at least when he left the show.

Following The Undertaker’s infamous performance, WWE fans were concerned about him, and “The Deadman” appears to have felt the same way.

What took place with The Undertaker backstage at WrestleMania 34?

As previously mentioned, The Undertaker was unhappy with his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 and the final stretch of his career in WWE.
In fact, ‘Taker was so beaten up about it that, a year later, at WrestleMania 34, shortly after beating John Cena, he went up to Roman and apologized to him.

The Undertaker’s final few years in WWE before retiring were chronicled in The Last Ride, a documentary that aired in 2020 and included footage of the interaction.

The Undertaker apologizes to Roman backstage at WrestleMania for his performance the year before, which is sad considering he is a WWE icon. The interaction can be seen below.

Video: The Undertaker apologizes to Roman Reigns for his role in the infamous WrestleMania match. The footage would be sad if anyone was involved, but it is truly heartbreaking that The Undertaker had to tell Roman that he no longer had what it took.

Fortunately, Taker had a much better final run with the WWE, with nothing really going his way as it did at WrestleMania 33.

After beating AJ Styles in the first Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker ended his legendary career just three years later.
Roman established himself as WWE’s top star after defeating The Undertaker in 2017.

However, it wasn’t until 2020 that fans came to accept Reigns as the company’s face. His absence from March to August and subsequent heel turn were the turning points for him.

Reigns added the WWE Championship to his collection earlier this year in August, making him the Universal Champion for all but one week since his return in August 2020.

Roman is going to remain at the top of the card for the foreseeable future due to his match with The Rock, his actual cousin, scheduled for April 2023 at WrestleMania 39.

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