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WWE: Becky Lynch’s “Big Time Becks” filming for the MCU has finally been confirmed by Marvel!

The WWE women’s roster appears to be excessively obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe produced by Hollywood. A couple of months back, Liv Morgan guaranteed she sees herself playing an MCU character from now on. Bianca Belair also expressed her desire to portray Storm, a well-known X-Men character, a month ago.

A five-time women’s champion was close to making her debut, despite the fact that both women have not yet done so. A recent confirmation stated that Becky Lynch filmed an MCU movie’s post-credit scene.

Dave Batista is the only WWE superstar who has been included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. The role of Drax in the popular Guardians of the Galaxy series made the former six-time WWE champion famous. The Man, on the other hand, would have been added to the list if the production house hadn’t decided otherwise.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Becky Lynch made her MCU debut in a post-credit scene for Marvel’s Eternals, which was released on November 5 of last year. This scene marked Lynch’s debut in the MCU.

Ross stated that the film starring Harry Styles and Chloé Zhao would feature The Man alongside Starfox. Although little is known about Becky’s character, the scene was said to be “too depressing,” according to reports.

However, for some reason, that was not included in the final cut of the movie.
The report by Fightful also stated that MCU was pleased with Becky Lynch’s performance and that she would be considered for a role in the future.

Well, Big Time Becks has also demonstrated her worth on the big screen, just like she has in the WWE ring. Additionally, WWE fans shouldn’t be surprised if Becky Lynch appears in a future MCU project, given Fightful’s report. In the meantime, she came back strong at the most recent pay-per-view.

At Survivor Series WarGames, The Man impressed everyone with her performance

At this year’s SummerSlam, Becky Lynch injured her shoulder while competing with Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s title, on the other hand, The Man made her comeback on SmackDown on November 25.Despite the fact that she wrestled for the first time at the most recent Survivor Series WarGames.

The Man scored an impressive victory with a leg drop from the top of the cage, aligning himself with team Bianca.

However, since Becky’s return, Triple H has been booking her as a powerful babyface. Additionally, it appears that she will rival Damage CTRL leader Bayley. It will be interesting to see how The Man gets into the title picture as WrestleMania gets closer and closer.

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