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WWE legend talks about Roman Reigns’ change throughout the course of recent years

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry feels Roman Reigns will go down as one of the main ten wrestlers ever.

The Top of The Table has been the prevailing power in the organization, holding the Universal Championship for 790+ days. During this rule, he crushed Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania to turn into the Undisputed WWE Universal Boss.

The Tribal Chief additionally brought down any semblance of John Cena, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, Huge E, and Finn Balor, among others, during his fruitful title protections.

On the most recent episode of the Busted Open webcast, Mark Henry referenced that it took Reigns only two years to move from a Hall of Distinction commendable ability to one of the best ever.

He points the point that even following two years at the top, fans actually need to see a greater amount of the Tribal Chief.

“Roman Reigns went from being an extraordinary grappler, Hall of Distinction type grappler, to being a person that in the discussion of conceivably being one of the main 10 wrestlers ever. I wouldn’t question it at all. It’s very much like each second he comes on screen, he leaves you needing a greater amount of The Bloodline. It’s been two years, effectively we might have all been like, ‘Damn, enough of this s**t.’ Yet who’s doing that? No one.”

Mark Henry feels The Bloodline is currently on a similar level as Roman Reigns

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During a similar discussion on the Busted Open webcast, the Hall of Famer itemized that The Usos endeavored to be on a similar level as The Tribal Chief.

Mark Henry explained how simply a year prior, there was a colossal hole between Reigns and the list, yet Jimmy and Jey came out on top for the championships which made a difference to close that hole.

“Roman Reigns was tip top of first class. However, I didn’t feel like The Bloodline was at the level of The Freebirds, DX, and The Country, you know, every one of the many top groups ever until they began bringing home championships and it turned out to be more about The Bloodline and not Roman Reigns. They achieved all that in around seven months,” said Henry.

With the expansion of Sami Zayn to the group, The Bloodline has turned into the greatest continuous storyline in WWE.

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