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Xavier Woods responds to misfortune against Gunther in the Intercontinental championship on WWE SmackDown

Woods apparently showed the shortfall of his accomplices Large E and Kofi Kingston as one reason for the misfortune.

Xavier Woods’ fantasy about turning into the WWE Intercontinental Boss got broken as he was crushed by Gunther in a coordinated challenge on Friday night’s SmackDown.

After the loss, Woods seemed to say that one of the reasons for the failure was the absence of his partners Big E and Kofi Kingston in an interview with WWE.

After receiving a title shot for the first time in his 13 years in the WWE, he regretted passing up the chance to become Intercontinental Champion.

“I took this picture. Since I arrived, I have not been eligible for the Intercontinental Championship. I arrived in 2010 here. It’s 2023.

I had a single fired at Gunther, I had a single fired to become champion, and I fizzled, and I didn’t make it happen.

Both Big E and Kofi are absent from this location. All of us are about the force of inspiration, however, it’s not generally simple,” said Woods.

He went on to talk about getting over the loss and returning to work. Woods likewise underscored that he probably won’t have a title chance once more.

“Other than going forward, I’m not sure what to do next. What is advancing? I’m not sure. However, opportunities like this only come along once in a career, especially for individuals like myself.

I doubt I’ll ever get another shot at that, so. In this way, Gunther won. Gunther is, in fact, the Intercontinental Boss. In no way.

Fans of wrestling posted their opinions on the match’s result and the events that occurred on Twitter. One supporter went so far as to say that Gunther is a superior champion to Roman Reigns.

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