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Why MS Dhoni is Called Captain Cool: 10 Facts about MS

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an institution in himself. The kind of love and accolades this man receives is unparalleled. Over the years MSD has changed a lot from being a swashbuckling big hitter to a more measured and adaptable batter. From long hairs to short spike hairs. Some names though have been constant in his journey from Mahi to MS to simply Dhoni. He has been the man of all seasons. But one name that probably defines him the most is the name he received after becoming captain of the Indian team ‘Captain Cool’. Check Here 10 Facts About MS Dhoni.

The name truly signifies who MS is and what his nature is. It is not only about his on-field demeanor but also holds for some of the incidents in his life where he has acted in an equally cool and calm manner. It doesn’t mean that Mahi doesn’t get angry anytime but it just shows how beautifully he handles the situations when he is angry. Here are 10 facts about ‘Captain Cool’ that will surprise you:-

10 Facts About MS Dhoni: Why MS Dhoni Is Called Captain Cool?

1. Pocket money by hitting Sixes

Dhoni was from a middle-class family and pursuing a career in cricket requires a certain amount of financial stability and risk-taking ability. In his younger days to earn his pocket money MS used to play in every tournament possible whether it was a tennis ball tournament or any other. In those days there used to be many tournaments in Ranchi where six-hitting was rewarded with the cash price. Thus, young MS used to use his six-hitting skills to earn pocket money from those tournaments.

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10 Facts About MS Dhoni: Why MS Dhoni Is Called Captain Cool?

2. Ignoring Akash Chopra’s advice of cutting hairs

Everyone remembers MS with long hair and how he impressed one and all with it. But before he made India debut there was some scepticism about his hair that it may hamper his chances of playing for the country. In one of those India A tours, Akash Chopra who was a senior batter advised MS to cut his hair as it will be difficult for you to get selected with long hair. But MS. not taking Chopra seriously replied in his cool avatar- “Kya Pata Hum India Ke Liye Bhi Khel Le, Aur Ek Din Sabhi Aisa Hairstyle Rakhna Shuru Kar De.” The rest is history.

3. Mathira Autograph Incident

his was during Asia Cup 2008 when India and Pakistan teams were staying in the same hotel and Mathira the Pakistani Model got excited at seeing Pakistani players and asked them for an Autograph. But Pakistani players got angry with her and told her that can’t you see we are doing dinner here. Seeing this, MS who was also having his dinner said to Mathira, Don’t worry take our Autograph, even we are cricketers. This incident impressed Mathira and she says that Dhoni is a true gentleman.

4. Birth of his daughter Ziva

Everyone knows that during the birth of Ziva, MS was in Australia and preparing for the world cup but there is one more interesting incident regarding this. MS Dhoni never takes his phone during practice and when Ziva was born MS was in his practice session. So Sakshi sent an SMS to Suresh Raina about the birth of the baby girl and he then told MS about it. This shows the commitment of Captain Cool towards the game.

10 Facts About MS Dhoni: Why MS Dhoni Is Called Captain Cool?
10 Facts About MS Dhoni: One of the

5. Waking up late during matches

MS Dhoni is one of those players who likes waking up late. On the match days, he always wakes up late because he believes that because of that he doesn’t think too much about the match and that helps him to take less stress. Maybe this is the reason why Dhoni is so cool on the field as he avoids overthinking and just concentrates on the job ahead.

6. Auctioning gloves and pads for cancer patients.

What MS Dhoni does in his real life is a mystery for almost all people. He rarely allows any news of his personal life in media and is quite an invisible cool guy. In 2016 MS Dhoni auctioned his gloves and pads to help cancer patients. Dhoni is one person who doesn’t like popularity related to helping or any good gestures by him for other people as he thinks it dissolves the whole motto of doing such things. This is one cool thinking, do what you want to do to help others not to show others.

7. Arranging tickets for Chacha Cricket

Pakistani Chacha is one of the famous personalities among cricket fans and over the years he has traveled all over the globe to support his team. But during the World Cup 2011 semifinal between India vs Pakistan he was not getting tickets. But MS stepped in and without any discrimination arranged VIP tickets for Pakistani Chacha. Chacha considers this as a very big thing and rates MS as a big-hearted man and never stops heaping praises of Dhoni. This shows that MSD doesn’t have any prejudices about anyone and enjoys his life while helping others to do so when it is possible for him.

8. Sleeping on-field during the match

This incident is MS Dhoni at his coolest best. It was during the 2017 tour of India to Srilanka where India was on top in both the Test and ODI series. In one such ODI when the Indian team was on the verge of winning, the crowd started throwing bottles on the field and the match was stopped for 30 minutes. Dhoni who was batting at that time slept on the field itself when all this drama was going on. This shows the coolness of this guy when the whole world around him is in chaos, the man quietly takes a nap.

9. Care for his Family and Parents

Dhoni is a superstar now in India. But he still lives in Ranchi to be nearer to his parents. Dhoni says that you should take care of your parents when they are old as they took your care when you were small. These small things make MSD the man he is, the understanding of the world around, is a very important factor in the growth of a human being and the humbleness of MS shows the way for everyone.

10. Dhoni- The Badass

This is the incident during the semifinal between India vs Pakistan in World Cup 2011 when during the run-chase Umar Akmal was batting well and Raina started sledding him. So Umar Akmal told MS that “ Dhoni bhai dekho na, ye galli dera hai.” So MS after the over went to Raina and said “Tu rukh mat, bolta reh aisehi.” This was Dhoni understanding that this is distracting Akmal and so beneficial for the team and displaying his another cool badass avatar.
These were the 10 facts about MS Dhoni that make him a true “Captain Cool’ of India.

Above are the 10 Facts About MS Dhoni Captain Cool, The man have many facts but some are listed on this page.

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