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2 changes made in J&K Ranji jewel team 

J&K Cricket Association

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Partner Merub Ali In a major surprise, J&K Cricket Association( JKCA) on Saturday made two changes in the J&K Ranji jewel team with leader Mohammad Tahir being dropped only after one match. The J&K Ranji jewel platoon has performed miserably in the prestigious event this season.

 They suffered big defeats in the three matches but were able to win one thanks to a magical spell by Abid Mushtaq against Vidarbha. Overall the performance of the side in the absence of Parvez Rasool, and Abdul Samad has been below par and has forced JKCA to take knee- haul responses. Parents Gul-e-Rana, Azhar Hussain  Height 1.78 m Record marker Universal Music India 

Originally, after suffering two back- to- back defeats in the first two matches, pickers dropped non-performing captain Shubham Pundir from the platoon and appointed elderly batter Shubham Khajuria as commander. Now after another set of two matches in which the platoon has won one match and suffered inning defeat in the alternate, pickers have made two huge changes which has raised numerous questions. 

Suryansh Raina

 For the forthcoming match against Punjab 

JKCA dropped Suryansh Raina and leader Mohammad Tahir from the team. They’ve been replaced by another left- hander Abhinav Puri and an all- rounder Abdul Samad. While it was anticipated that Samad will make a return to the team after missing earlier matches due to injury, the other two changes have come out as a total surprise. 

 Abhinav Puri

who played his only Ranji jewel match back in 2015 has replaced Suryansh Raina. Suryansh had the alternate-stylish normal(20.66) among all the J&K batters with 124 runs in 3 matches to his name during thisseason.Mohammad Tahir who made his debut during the last match and sailed in only one inning has also been dropped. In his place pickers have included Samad who’s a fur each- rounder. 

The surprising changes and dropping out of Tahir and Raina from the team haven’t gone well with the justice fraternity who have lashed out at JKCA. While another former cricketer ate the return of Abdul Samad, he lashed out at JKCA for treating Raina and Tahir unfairly. 

 Samad’s return is welcome as Team has missed him poorly

Parvez not being included in the platoon due to unknown reasons, the platoon demanded Samad. Still, there’s no sense in dropping your alternate-stylish run- getter in a platoon that’s failing in the fur department. You’re bringing a player who has n’t played at this position 8 times to replace him, said another former player.

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