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2022 FIFA World Cup:12 teams have already qualified for the knockout phase

2022 FIFA World Cup: With just one day remaining until the start of the knockout phase of the FIFA World Cup 2022, 12 teams have already qualified for the knockout phase. Eight teams will compete for the remaining four seats after the four matches scheduled for November 2nd.

On Friday, the eight teams in their respective groupsβ€”South Korea, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, Cameroon, Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerlandβ€”will play their final match. The Netherlands, the United States, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Croatia, France, Poland, England, Senegal, Morocco, and Spain are among the other teams that have qualified for the knockout stage.

Only Brazil and Portugal appear to have advanced to the next round, while the remaining teams will need to secure their positions in Groups G and H.

Germany, the four-time winners of the World Cup, was eliminated from the tournament earlier on Thursday despite their victory over Costa Rica. Spain made it into the Knockouts despite its defeat to Japan. Thomas Mueller, Germany’s forward, described this World Cup exit in the first round as an “absolute catastrophe,” marking the German team’s second consecutive first-round exit.

England, the Netherlands, and Morocco have the most points (7 each) in the points table, while Senegal, Argentina, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and Portugal each have 6 points. Croatia and the USA each have 5 points.

Despite Spain and Poland both having four points, they were able to advance to the knockout stages due to their superior goal differential.

South Korea will take on Portugal, Ghana will play Uruguay, Cameroon will compete for a seat against Brazil, Serbia will battle Switzerland, and so on.

On December 3 at 8:30 p.m. IST, the Netherlands and the United States will compete in the first knockout.

While Argentina and Australia will battle it out in the Ahmad Bin Ali stadium at 12:30 a.m. on December 4 to qualify for the quarterfinals,

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