Agent: ‘ Arthur stays at Liverpool and won’t go back to Juventus with Allegri, according to his agent

Arthur Melo will remain with Liverpool until the end of the season

according to his agent, but “obviously if Max Allegri remains at Juventus, we’ll have to find a different solution.” Arthur Melo will not return to Juventus with Allegri.

On September 1, the midfielder signed for €4.5 million on loan with an option to buy for €37.5 million.

He oversaw just two appearances for the senior crew and was then precluded by a medical procedure on a back issue, expected to get back to the field one month from now.

Now, the agent who negotiated that move

Federico Pastorello, has denied reports that the former Barcelona player could be moving again during the transfer window.

It began in August from his tenacity to look for something else,Pastorello told Tuttomercatoweb.

Although they lacked the space in their squad, Liverpool had already demonstrated that they valued Arthur Melo. As a result, we kept an eye on injury updates and communicated openly with the Liverpool directors.

We were a little lucky because of other people’s bad luck

 Liverpool had several injuries, and Jordan Henderson hurt himself while we were negotiating with other clubs on August 28 and 29 because staying at Juventus was the least likely option.

We flew out on the final day for the medical and signature when Liverpool called on the penultimate day of the transfer session.

The official documents released by Juventus state that Liverpool paid €4.5 million for the one-season loan and have the option to purchase the team for an additional €37.5 million, but the specifics appear to be a little hazy.

In January, he will remain at Liverpool in its entirety. That was never debated, and I have no idea who suggested that he could return to Turin; however, that is absolutely not the case and has never been discussed.

We’ll see what happens at the end of this season. Liverpool doesn’t have a good option to buy, but if Allegri stays at Juventus, we’ll have to find a different solution.

As a result, I believe it would go well if Liverpool offered to renew the loan or made an offer.

During the conversation between Miralem Pjanic and Barcelona

 Arthur Melo was mentioned numerous times in wiretaps between directors of Juventus as an example of a player whose value was inflated to increase capital gains.

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