Alexa Rapture makes an impression on the person overlooked by Liv Morgan in viral video

Alexa Bliss of RAW sent a message to the man who was in a now-viral video from last night’s Hornets-Knicks NBA game with Liv Morgan.

Together with WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events, Justin Scalise, Liv Morgan went to the Hornets-Knicks NBA game. The camera caught Scalise and Morgan having an awkward conversation at one point during the game, with Morgan ignoring most of his comments.

More than six million people have viewed the video, which quickly went viral on Twitter. Sonya Deville, Morgan’s WWE coworker, responded to the video in a hilarious way.

She made it abundantly clear that all of the WWE performers adored Scalise. Alexa Bliss then responded to Deville’s tweet, which appeared to be in agreement with her own.

Check it out below:

How did Alexa Bliss’ tweet affect fans?

The awkward and hilarious video with Liv Morgan and Justin Scalise sparked a huge response from WWE fans. They responded to Alexa Bliss’s response as follows:

Recently, Liv Morgan appeared on WWE’s The Bump. She finally talked about the awkward moment she had at the NBA game with Scalise. Liv uncovered that she was sorry to Justin over the video becoming a web sensation. After that, she jokingly stated that she did ignore him throughout the game.

“My phone was about to explode, so when I see this footage, I think, “Oh my gosh Justin, I am so sorry.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but he has been such a great sport about it. It’s the most bizarre and bizarre thing. I was turning my back on him, which was so bizarre. We are entitled to everything, and March is Women’s History Month..”

It is understandable that Justin Scalise has now locked his Twitter handle. As soon as his identity was revealed, he must have received a flood of tweets.

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