The WWE Hall of Famer explains why it appears that John Cena buried Austin Theory on RAW.

Teddy Long recently talked about John Cena’s return to WWE RAW this week, where he accepted Austin Theory’s challenge to WrestleMania 39. The 16-time WWE Champion was moved to tears by the enthusiastic reception from the Boston crowd. He challenged US Champion Theory to a title match at WrestleMania 39, and they engaged in an entertaining promo battle.

Cena initially declined Theory’s challenge, but after the crowd urged him to accept it, he agreed. During the segment, John Cena verbally demolished Austin Theory and claimed that no one in the audience was interested in the US Champion or his matches. He also blurred the line between kayfabe and reality.

Teddy Long discussed the reasons why WWE hired Cena to destroy Theory on the podcast The Wrestling Time Machine hosted by Sportskeeda Wrestling. Long stated that the promotion had to prepare John Cena for the main feud with Austin Theory because he was not a full-time roster member.

This is the deal. Cena, John I don’t know whether he works full-time or not. However, we rarely see him on Monday nights. Thus, Cena will compete at WrestleMania. John Cena has not been available to you every Monday night; therefore you must rebuild him and prepare him for WrestleMania. According to Teddy Long, “that’s what I have seen there, with just a huge build-up for John Cena to get him ready for WrestleMania.” 7:06 -7:31).

Bill Apter thinks Austin Theory did a great job on WWE RAW as well.

Bill Apter also said that Austin Theory had some great lines during the segment despite John Cena overshadowing him.

The veteran columnist feels that the US Champion will develop nastier before long, which could finish in him stunning the world by overcoming John Cena at The Most excellent Phase of All.

Austin Theory, in my opinion, also returned with some great lines of his own. Theory’s interviews will get worse and worse each week, and the only way to put an end to this is for him to beat John Cena in some way. 7:35–7:55) With less than a month to go until WrestleMania, WWE fans can anticipate Cena becoming a regular on the show for the next few weeks to build the feud.

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