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Alleged Private vids, WhatsApp Chats Of Babar Azam Leaked Online, suckers Reply

Many vids, WhatsApp exchanges, and audio lines, allegedly of Pakistan justice platoon captain Babar Azam, have been’ blurted ‘ online. Babar is yet to release a sanctioned statement on the matter.

Pakistan justice platoon captain Babar Azam has been the central talking point in the cricketing diapason over his recent performances.

While ups and campo are part of every sportsperson’s life, the star batter is now making captions for all the wrong reasons.

In what has been claimed as a leak’, many videos and WhatsApp exchanges, allegedly of the Pakistani cricketer, have surfaced online.

The screenshots of the contended exchanges and private vids have reportedly been’ blurted ‘, leading to a storm on social media, with some indeed claiming that Babar has been’ sexting’ with the gal of another Pakistani cricketer.

Seeing the huge number of vids, exchanges, and audio lines, purportedly of Babar, that have participated on social media, several suckers have abused the star batter.

But, there are these too who have jumped to the defense of the Pakistan platoon’s commander.
A stoner on Instagram made a post, putatively targeting Babar, with the caption” Hope you get what you did.

Can you now not guide a girl as a woman? Are you making noise because I’m showing his true colors? The scrap will be revealed. He has to reap what he sowed. I’ll disclose the verity earlier than committing self-murder.”

Babar himself is yet to reply to the disputation. On Monday night, still, he did take to Twitter to post a rather cryptic tweet.

Babar wrote” Doesn’t take too important to be happy”, with a picture of himself. It isn’t the first time that Babar Azam has set up himself embrangle in this kind of disputation In 2020, a woman claimed that the Pakistani cricketer had promised to marry him and got her pregnant.

” I’ve regarded Babar considering the fact that the time he’d say nothing to do with justice. He was once from a bad ménage.

I hope all my sisters and sisters additionally are going to assist me to get justice so that no son has to go thru what I have. Babar and I’ve grown up in the identical colony, we used to continue to be together,” the girl had said.

” He used to be my college friend. In 2010, he proposed to me and I commonplace his offer. He in truth proposed to me after coming to my house. As time progressed, our perception acquired better.

We had planned to get wedded and informed our families too but they refused,” she added.
” additionally Babar and I determined to have a court docket marriage.

During that time, I stored asking him to get wedded however he said’ we are not in a function too. With time, we will get wedded’,” she had similarly claimed.

latterly, still, the lady dropped all her prices on the cricketer. Be it Babar or the Pakistan Cricket Board, a sanctioned statement on the matter is yet to be made.

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