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Apex Legends Mobile Update Date, New Features list and more



After the release of this mobile game, it has become the most downloaded game in foreign countries. Not only that, it has become one of the most popular games in the world. The name of this game is Apex Legend Mobile. This game was already very popular on PC. Check Apex Legends Mobile Update Date. Check Apex Legends Mobile Update Date.

Ever since it was released on mobile, its popularity has skyrocketed. In fact, the gameplay and high-quality VFX of the game is of a deadly level. I can say with a 100% guarantee that once you play this game, you will never go back. Gradually you will become seriously addicted to the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Update Date, New Features list and more

Apex Legends Mobile Update Date
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However, news has recently surfaced via Twitter that a new update to the game has arrived. Yes, gamer friends, good news, good news, and good news has come for you. Apex Legend Mobile 1.5 update has just arrived for you. In a similar way, with the update came a lot of new things

The most important of these is a new character. Originally, the character made his Season 5 debut on consoles and PC. Although no one expected this character to line up on mobile. But with the Twitter update, the whole thing is clear to everyone.

I understand you guys think I’m not saying character names but everything else. Hey wait, wait a minute, you’ll know everything slowly. However, via Twitter, we learned that this character is none other than Loba.

New Things are yours:

The update that is coming for Apex Legend Mobile is called 1.5 cold snap. You might be wondering why such a cold snap-type name all of a sudden? The reason is that after that when you turn on the game when you start the game, snow falls from the sky on your head.

Don’t you understand? Well, let me explain. Basically, a new mode is going to be added to this Apex Legend mobile since the update. Its name is Town Takeover Winter Warfare game mode.

I hope you understand then, what is the reason? But not only is there a new model but there is also much more to it. After taking feedback from the players, the battle pass is being further improved.

At the same time if you already purchased the pass, then you will receive two awards. The first is, 50 syndicate gold, and 2nd is 1 syndicate. Interesting! And on top of all this, there is a new gun skin for you. The list of which I have given below-

  • Five-Star Performance Rare Skin (Lifeline)
  • Fuel Tank Rare Skin (Caustic)
  • Leader of the Pack Epic Skin (Bloodhound)
  • Engine Coolant Epic Skin (Pathfinder)
  • Electric Breeze Rare Skin (Fade)

So friends, be ready for the 15th June.