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Golden State Warriors Top Players List, Next Games List, Jersey, and more



The top is based upon a combination of individual statistics, team success, number of years on the roster, and in that order of decreasing importance. You can argue that he is as high up as No. 3. was the only player with a higher PPG and PER than the Warriors. Check Golden State Warriors Top Players List.

It was not difficult to find good candidates, with six NBA titles, four other Finals trips in franchise history, as well as players who have scored over 10,000 points. NBA history has only 27 instances in which a player has made at smallest 210 3-pointers during a season while converting 40 percent or more.

Golden State Warriors Top Players List

Golden State Warriors Top Players List
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Mitch Richmond (1988-91)

Richmond averaged 22 points per contest in his three seasons playing for Golden State. He served as one-third of Run TMC alongside Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin.

But, he was not a perennial All-Star until he was traded by the Warriors to Sacramento. Richmond could have been a No-Doubter for the Top 10 if he hadn’t spent more than three seasons with the Warriors.

Jeff Mullins (1966–76)

Mullins spent 10 years with the Warriors. In seven of his seasons. Mullins averaged over 16 points per game and was able to surpass 20 points four times.

Mullins, who was in charge of the team after Rick Barry left five years ago to play for the ABA for five seasons, helped to keep it in playoff contention year in and year out. With a reduced role, he was able to finally play on a winning team at the end of his career.

Eric “Sleepy” Floyd (1983-1987).

Floyd averaged 17.7 points and 6.7 assists per season in Golden State. He was five seasons into his career, compared to 9.7 points and 4.6 the rest of his playing career.

But, Floyd was still far below the top 10. He only had one All-Star selection during his career. Joe Barry Carroll (1980-84). The No. The No. Carroll did not play in the All-Star Game.

Purvis, Short (1978-1987)

It’s hard for us to believe that the Warriors had so much trouble playing. 500 basketball even with Short, Carroll, Floyd, and Floyd together for several years.

This was the longest-tenured of the three, scoring an average of 19.4 points per contest. Short, who has yet to make an All-Star Game appearance or All-NBA game, was short of the top 10.

Tim Hardaway (1989-96)

Hardaway looked like he was on the fast path to the Hall of Fame before a knee injury that ended his entire 1993-94 season. He averaged 22.7 points and 10.0 assists during the three All-Star years preceding the injury. He was still a great Warrior, even though he was missing the best season of the team’s 50-32 success during his time on the roster.

Klay Thompson (2011-Present)

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the stars of the show, but it’s easy not to remember that the Warriors also have an All-Star four-timer who is one of the greatest shooters ever.

Thompson has done it in all six years. Curry also did it. This range has allowed him to have an active streak that spans four seasons and averages at least 20 per game.

Kevin Durant (2016)

The top 10 were limited to players who spent five years or more with the Warriors. Kevin Durant was the NBA Finals MVP. Durant also was one of the top players in Golden State’s two seasons. Additionally, no other player has ever posted a higher career plus/minus for this franchise than the Durantula.

Golden State Warriors Next Games List

Jun 13

Mon • 6:00 pm

Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors

Chase Center – San Francisco, CA

Jun 16

Thu • 9:00 pm

Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics (NBA Finals – Game 6 – Home Game 3)

TD Garden – Boston, MA

Jun 19

Sun • 5:00 pm

Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors (NBA Finals – Game 7 – Home Game 4) (If Necessary)

Chase Center – San Francisco, CA

Oct 09


NBA Preseason – Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors

Chase Center – San Francisco, CA

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