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Aussies accidentally break Frank Worrell trophy after West Indies thrashed

Australia defeated the visitors easily on Sunday’s fourth day of the second Test, securing the Frank Worrell Trophy for the 12th consecutive time. However, stand-in captain Steve Smith committed a humorous error of judgment when he shattered the Frank Worrell Trophy and then dropped the fractured piece on David Warner’s foot.

Australia has held the trophy from the 1994/95 series in the West Indies, including winning the last seven straight series to nil. The trophy has been given in series between Australia and the West Indies since 1960/61. Since 2003 in the West Indies, Australia has won 15 of the previous 19 Test matches against the West Indies while drawing four.

When Smith stooped to snap the team photo, the trophy—which has a wood finish base and a silver trophy topped with a cricket ball—broke. The sportsunfold view showed the ball moving after he touched the ground as he lowered himself and placed weight on it. He quickly found himself gripping the ball while attempting to figure out how to get it back on the base.

Funny enough, he had to hang on to the award for the duration of the photo.But when he got to his feet, he dropped it on Warner’s foot unintentionally. Honestly, I hope not “Speaking to the other Fox Sports experts, Adam Gilchrist stated. Daniel Cherny of CODE Sports quoted Steve Smith as saying, “Hopefully someone can put it back together.”

The Nelson Mandela of cricket, Sir Frank Worrell was the second black captain of the West Indies. At the age of 42, he was given a leukaemia diagnosis, and he passed away in 1967. The West Indies were trying to pick up the pieces after a disastrous series in which they had been accused of not caring, not trying, and playing at club cricket level.

Australia romped to a 419 run victory on Sunday as the final six wickets went for 25 runs. However, West Indian cricket icon Carl Hooper was perplexed and lamented the country’s decline from an international superpower to a laughingstock.

On ABC Sport, he remarked, “No, I don’t think we’ve struck rock bottom yet. Every time I think we have, we simply keep sliding down.” It’s humiliating. I’m in pain. I’ve never been a part of a West Indies team that was bowled out for less than 100.

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