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Bangladesh Premier League 2023 Prize Money Distribution, How Many Winners Will Get?

Fans from all over the world flock to the domestic cricket competition known as the Bangladesh Premier League. The Bangladesh Premier League, or BPL 2023, had begun earlier this year. Each team competes against the other at least once in the round-robin format of the game. then the elimination rounds.

The locations of teams are in Bangladesh. In addition to the title trophy and fame, the team and players are also focused on the prize money. The winners of the league receive substantial sums. The criteria for this year’s prize money are the same as they were for the previous season. The specifics are as follows

BPL 2023 The entire table that follows provides an explanation of how the prize money was distributed for this season’s Bangladesh Premier League. In the eighth season of BPL 2022, the league’s winners will receive $850,000 US dollars. This year, the league began on January 21 and runs through February 18, 2022.

Bangladesh Premier League 2023 Prize Money Distribution :

StandingPrize MoneyNo of Team
Champion850,000 USD1
Runner-up350,000 USD1
3rd200k USD1
4th150k USD1
Players pool moneyNot ReportedN/A
Man of the match500k USDN/A
Man of the Tournament5000K USDN/A

Bangladesh Premier League 2023 How Many Winners Will Get :

Since sponsorship was not an option to raise funds prior to the year 2020, neither the teams nor the players received the anticipated prize money. But this year, the organizers have raised a significant amount of money. The teams that did not make it all the way to the finals will receive $350,000 USD, while the team that came in third place in the points table will receive $200,000.

The fourth-place team is entitled to 150 thousand dollars in the interim. The Rajshahi Royals are the BPL tournament’s current champions. Last year, they won their first title. The team is based in Bangladesh’s Rajshahi. The team played its final season in 2019 and was later disqualified from participating in the upcoming Bangladesh Premier League.

Minister Dhaka is the League’s most successful team, having won three titles. Dhaka, Bangladesh, is where they are based.

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