Before taking on the best players in the NBA, 6′ 8″ Jayson Tatum donned a “Custom Jacket” made by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Jayson Tatum is here to make a statement this season

The jacket on the front-runner for MVP showed that he was serious when he showed up.

The subtle message was made crystal clear by a print of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan competing against one another before a game against the best team in the Western Conference.

We are well aware of Bryant and Tatum’s relationship. Jayson idolized Kobe.

He even texted his number last year during the playoffs to assure him that he would not let him down. Jayson’s 6’8″ edge permits him to copy a game that intently looks like Bryant.

Even though Bryant is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in the players who want to follow in his footsteps. Devin Booker and Jayson Tatum are two of these individuals.

Additionally, they will clash tonight. Tatum entered the Footprint Center wearing a jacket that not only paid tribute to greats but also conveyed a very subtle message to Booker.

Jayson Tatum is prepared to ascend to the throne. He is leading the race for MVP and has topped the KIA MVP ladder for the last week.

This season, Tatum intends to make a name for himself.

Jayson is averaging 30,8 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game for the Celtics, whose record is the best in the league at 20-5.

However, bragging rights are more important than statistics right now.

He is shaking a ‘custom coat’ that highlights Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan going head to head against one another. 1 vs 2. What might it imply?

For setting, the Phoenix Suns are no.1 in the West, so it could imply that Jayson is drawing the glove to the best group in the West.

It could also be a subtle signal to Devin Booker that Jayson, not he, is the real number one here.

Will the matchup be good tonight? Are we going to witness Kobe versus Mike?

It’s all up for grabs to find out.
This season, Jayson Tatum has been dominating the league, giving the impression that he is well on his way to winning the MVP.

Last season, under Tatum’s leadership, the team reached the NBA Finals, and their current record, which is the best in the league, suggests that they have only improved.

And Jayson, who has unquestionably emerged as the franchise’s face, is to blame for a lot of this.
Jayson Tatum ranks among the best players in the league with an average of nearly 31 points and more than 8 rebounds per game.

However, at one point, he was just one of many children across the nation who aspired to play in the NBA.

Additionally, a charming video of him being interviewed as a child has recently resurfaced.

It is unbelievable that Jayson Tatum said that Kevin Durant was his favorite player and that he swept KD and the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs last season.

This also demonstrates his admiration for Kobe Bryant, which was made clear last season.

And it is safe to say that he has been successful in achieving all of his goals and more.

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