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Call of Duty 2022 Game is announced 

Activision Blizzard has released the title of this year’s Call of Duty. Where the 2019 Call of Duty 2022 is coming back to Model Welfare. And the news was announced by the game developer and publisher via the official Call of Duty Twitter account. Check Call of Duty 2022 Game is announced.

Most importantly, a 16-second video clip was shared on the Twitter account. #ModernWarfair2 This logo has just been released. Not only this, with the advent of Call of Duty new era is coming. And this shooter franchise is expected to hit consoles and PCs by the end of the year.

Call of Duty 2022 Game is announced 

Call of Duty 2022 Game is announced 
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The 16-second video shows more than just aesthetic teases. Very briefly we can see the logo of Taskforce 141. In this case, it is an international spec ops unit. Which served as the main protagonist of the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, released in 2009.

This is really exciting news for COD fans. Mostly for those who were close to the original Modern Warfare 2. However, there is not much information about when the game will be available.

Although Infinity Ward has not officially announced the release date yet. However, we can make an estimate using the previous release dates. You could even call it a trick. This is because the last three Call of Duty titles were published in late October or early November.

Call of Duty 2022 Game is announced 

So for now, it is expected that the upcoming title will be published in the autumn. Modern Warfare 2 will probably run the story of a modified modern matter introduced in 2009 They’ll probably see Soap McTavish and Captain Price again.

They are the iconic characters that fans have an addiction to. Not only that, your familiar multiplayer maps can return. Although it is speculated that the upcoming headline will focus on the American Cartel. So there could be the arrival of an intense and exciting new story for the players.

COD 2022 Platforms:

The cod is usually published on each of the platforms. As a result, it is easier to drive and maximize sales. With the news coming out, you can be sure that it will be released on at least Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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