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Capcom Showcase 2022 Date, Time, and where to watch?



After the Summer Game Festival, another digital event has come for you. My gamer friends, believe me, I know you are very happy to get this news. So Capcom Showcase is going to be organized. Basically, it’s a worldwide live stream digital event. Check Capcom Showcase 2022 Date.

Lots of games with a lot of your favourite big titles in that event. And I believe this is the deepest capcom information for gamer fans around the world. Although Capcom has already shut down a lot in recent weeks. But we also hope to see some bigger announcements.

Capcom Showcase 2022 Date, Time, and where to watch?

Capcom Showcase 2022 Date
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I think maybe here’s another gameplay for the recently announced Street Fight Six. Meanwhile, it is raining outside and the storm of events is raging for gamer fans of Digital Life. However, we also know that there is a possibility of seeing a remake of Resident Evil 4 on Capcom Showcase.

But first of all, don’t you need to know when this band is going to be? Hey brother, there must be, why not! And because you need it, I have come up with an article for you. You can know everything one by one, just have a little patience.

Most importantly at this event, you can see the lineup of many games. The publisher has also recently released several new headlines. And looking at all of this looks like quite an exciting show.

We look forward to seeing the Sony Resident Evil 4 remake and Resident Evil Village VR at this event. Not only that, but we also get to see the debut of the trailer for Street Fighters Six.

mark the date and time:

There has been a tweet about the cap cum showcase being presented on Twitter. And at the same time that tweet contains all kinds of news related to date and time.

If you would like to enjoy a live stream of this event, tune in on Monday 13th June at 3 pm PT and 6pm ET.

watching is important:

Friends, fasten your seatbelts well. Because now we are about to enter where we will see the live stream. The question is quite valid.

Let me tell you, go to the official Capcom Twitch and YouTube channel to watch the live stream. And of course, sit down with popcorn because the show will last about 35 minutes.