Conor McGregor vows to put Dustin Poirier “in a box” as the rival lies in a hospital bed McGregor broke his leg in a fight with Poirier last July, and he is hoping to make a comeback

However, the Irishman has teased a fourth fight with ‘The Diamond,’ and McGregor has vowed to put Poirier, who is a competitor in the UFC, “in a box.”

The Irishman has been out of action since breaking his leg in Poirier’s trilogy defeat in July, but he has increased his training in preparation for a 2023 return.

Michael Chandler and Jorge Masvidal

Michael Chandler and Jorge Masvidal are just two of the people whose names have already made headlines as potential opponents for the sport’s biggest superstar.

After their trilogy bout was stopped, McGregor and Poirier continued their bitter verbal battle, with many predicting a fourth fight once the Irishman recovered.

The Diamond’ has played with the idea a few times before rejecting it completely.

However, McGregor has taken to Twitter to deny the claims of others: Get well soon, dirty knickers.”

The news that Poirier had been admitted to the hospital with an infection and would require additional treatment prompted his post.

“Pastor, you weren’t just hurt. Keep in mind how scared and hurt you were.

I will return to put you in a box. a lot of it. You are leaving this world. Permanent. Remain sitting tight for the street house also buddy you and the missus will cherish it.”

McGregor looks set to at long last resume full preparation in the wake of getting done with recording for his most memorable acting job in change of Hollywood exemplary ‘Street House’ close by Jake Gyllenhaal.

However, his UFC form has significantly deteriorated, and his two losses to Poirier have contributed to his one-win record since 2016.

McGregor rivalry with Poirier was not over

In an angry rant before being taken away on a stretcher during their fight last year, McGregor had stated that his rivalry with Poirier was not over.

After gaining 190 pounds during his time away from the cage, McGregor’s days as a lightweight appear to be over, making a fourth fight unlikely.

When he returns, it is now expected that he will compete at 170 pounds, with Poirier unlikely to move up while still a leading contender at 155 pounds.

The American had ruled out a fourth fight and was unsure of the strategy for McGregor’s return prior to his victory over Michael Chandler at UFC 281 last month.

He stated:

I’m not sure. In this sport, nothing is certain. I’m just not sure if he will return or in what weight class.

Never say never, but it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

We’ll see; I’ve fought him three times and am attempting to win the title.

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