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Coupe De France Winners, Runner-ups, Most Popular Team

The Coupe De France is the premier knockout cup competition in French football which is organized by French Football Federation (FFF) in the first was held in the year 1917 and the very first club featured 48 clubs. The title is difficult for many clubs to win but Paris Saint-Germain have one of the most titles of these clubs with fourteen victories and they are followed by Marseille the president of France ha always attended the cup final and presented the trophy to the winning team captain. So check Coupe De France Winners List.

Paris Saint – Germain is one of the most successful and competitive teams with 14 titles and four wins, it is one of the most professional football clubs which is based in the capital of french city Paris. As football is a game that requires a lot more physical strength so their club has strong members.

Coupe De France Winners

After PSG there is Marseille who has won the title 10 times when it comes to the competition they make sure they give their whole energy and win the title. Marseille’s first title was achieved in the year 124 and then from on, they have their good luck with them but later on in the 20th century when they were close to winning the title in the modern era they lost all three occasions.

Coupe de France Winners, Runner-ups

So now let’s check out the whole schedule of Coupe de France Winners, Runner-ups, Most Popular Team.

2017-2018PSGLes Herbiers
2018-2019Stade RennaisPSG

Coupe De France Most Popular Team

Coupe De France has one of the most popular teams who have won many titles they are known as Paris Giant Germain they are one of the strongest teams. There is a total of 14 rounds in the competition and France is one of the main reasons where there is no cost of traveling and the winning team gets to qualify for the UEFA Europa and depending upon the region the number of rounds may vary from four to eight or depends upon it, And then all the team gets split and draw against each other like randomly only the match gets very exciting and curious to watch.

The Coupe De France is also popularly known as “The magic of the cup” the clubs are playing for last several years and it has a huge fan following across the nation there are many clubs who have been participating in the competition but one of the most famous ones is PSG Paris Saint Germain they are playing best in the whole teams and give their whole energy.

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Coupe De France Upcoming Schedule 2021/2022

As the round is won by PSG they are going to enter the finale on May 8, 2022, the game is going to be a very exciting one so check out below.

October 2 – 2021: 4e tour with the entry into the running of National 2 clubs

October 16 – 2021: 5th tour

October 30 – 2021: 6th tour

November 13 – 2021: 7th tour

November 27 – 2021: 8th tour

December 18 – 2021: 32 final entry

January 2 – 2022: 16th Finale

January 29 – 2022: 8th Finale

February 9 – 2022: Quarter finale

March 2 – 2022: Semi Finale

May 8 – 2022: Finale

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