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Death Stranding 2 Wears Its MGS Motivations on Its Sleeve

Death Stranding 2 is coming, and keeping in mind that it will be a special title, it likewise appears to take some motivation from the Metal Stuff Strong series.

During the current year’s The Game Honors, the best the business has to offer was given the acknowledgment it merits. Gamers were additionally treated to a few astonishing trailers flaunting what’s in store for the business.

Kojima’s Death Stranding 2 was at long last uncovered, and the trailer is however secretive as it very well might be interesting. In spite of the fact that it appears to exist in its very own domain in regards to type and narrating, there are a couple of components that give off an impression of being acquired from Metal Stuff Strong.

Gamers saw the arrival of covertness in indoor conditions in Death Stranding 2’s cryptic trailer, which is something the series has been moving towards since Death Stranding Chief’s Cut. The emphasis on Delicate likewise proposes that the game might take a page from Metal Stuff Strong 2 and change around the hero, and there’s clearly the immense mech that essentially has Metal Stuff stepped on its brow.

Death Stranding 2 and its Secrecy

The Death Stranding 2 trailer displayed at The Game Honors was exceptionally short, yet as of now, fans have been taking apart for whatever number of subtleties as could be allowed. It starts with Delicate safeguarding a child from what is by all accounts a nursery of some sort or another.

Obviously, she isn’t intended to be there, and she is in an exceptionally perilous circumstance. As she makes her break, she slithers through tight paths and dodges the bar coming from electric lamps around a corner.

Her getaway closes with her moving on board a Trike and dashing ceaselessly.
For devotees of Kojima, the references to Metal Stuff Strong are difficult to disregard. Delicate gives off an impression of being on a covertness mission much the same as the ones Snake explores in Metal Stuff Strong games.

It is especially eminent in light of the fact that Death Stranding is a game that regularly has players outside. In any case, the trailer proposes that the impending game might highlight more indoor covertness components, similar to Metal Stuff Strong games before The Apparition Agony.

Is Death Stranding 2’s Trailer Getting ready Gamers for a Trick?


Kojima has a past filled with setting up assumptions for his fans just to undermine them quickly. One of the most well-known episodes of this happened with the advertising of Metal Stuff Strong 2. Once more in the number one spot up to the game, the advertising persuaded gamers to think that they would be assuming command over Snake. Shockingly, that was not the situation, and the game’s hero is rather Raiden.

Metal Stuff Strong 2’s showcasing stunt isn’t the sort of thing that can be successfully pulled off two times. In any case, the trailer for Death Stranding’s spin-off recommends that similar to the 2001 game, there might be a hero trade coming up. As opposed to zeroing in on Sam, the trailer fixates on Delicate and her adventures.

Apparently, gamers will find more about her origin story, and the attention on her secrecy developments and utilization of the Trike is hard not to decipher as slip looks into the interactivity that fans can anticipate. Proof for a potential trick likewise comes from the way that Sam Extensions looks a lot more seasoned in the trailer. It very well might be an indication that the light is going to get passed to Delicate.

The trailer was sufficient to get fans amped up for Kojima’s impending task. That isn’t all they can anticipate, nonetheless. The auteur additionally has an Xbox game in progress that will utilize Microsoft’s cloud innovation.

It seems things are very occupied over at Kojima Creations, and with an innovative like Kojima directing things, it is almost difficult to foresee what gamers will at last get.

Death Stranding 2 is at present being developed.

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