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Detroit Lions training camp: Top 10 players who have stood out 

Detroit Lions training camp: Top 10 players who have stood out 

Detroit Lions training camp: The Detroit Lions have completed their first week of training camp. After Saturday’s family’s first practice they are done with 10 practices so far. Head coach Dan Campbell has started the camp with good energy. The first game is going to begin on Friday at Ford Field against the Atlanta Falcons. The Lions already have plenty of players that stand out in the draft. However, there are players including rookies and undrafted players who stand out early in the camp. 

Although there are a lot of camps and preseason games that are yet to start, you can say they have the potential. Lions already started with good drafts in the season, the players joining with good potential in the training camp are signs that they can be a competitive side. 

Viewers would be interested to see how these players perform in the season and will they be able to show their potential or skills in the games. Here’s a list of the top 10 players that stand out

Detroit Lions training camp: The Detroit Lions have completed their first week of training camp. After Saturday's family's first practice
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#10 Austin Seibert- Kicker 

Cyber is one of the best thicker in the team. Since the time he joined the practice, he has not missed a single field goal when given a team representative in a practice match. Though he still has a long way to go in the season. however, Seibert has been very consistent throughout the training camp

#9 James Houston- linebacker 

The Lions are viewing James as a hybrid player in the spring but he is more of a pass pusher in the early training camp than a linebacker. Last year he had 24.5 tackles and 16.5 sacks. On Friday in the practice session, he single-handedly derailed the second team of fans with two sacks in 2 minutes. He might be undersized for the position but he has the ability to get after the quarterback. 

#8 Amon-Ra St. Brown- Wide Receiver 

Yes, he picked up right from where he left last season. Brown should have great intent in practice camp the way he should last season. He is one of the best on the team and flashed some of his abilities in the early camp. He worked hard to improve his Run after catch ability and that’s showing in the camp session. 

#7 Charles Harris- Defensive lineman 

Last season Charles signed a contract extension because of the break-out season for the lions. He was leading the team with 7.5 sacks. He is on the left side fixture during the camp with Hutchinson. Together they both are terrific at complimenting each other perfectly. 

#6 Dj Chark- Wide receivers

The Lions signed DJ as an outside and vertical threat for the offense. However, it turns out that DJ is more versatile than a deep threat. During The Practice season, he has made a number of deep down the field. If they manage to continue this into a regular season it’s going to be great for the Lions. Players like Brown, Hutchinson, and Harris in one team can be explosive. 

#5 Demetrius Taylor- Defensive lineman

For Lions fans, this name is not familiar but his abilities shown during practice are definitely worth it. The undressed Rocky from the Appalachian state has a long road ahead to establish himself as a popular defensive player. Never is he making a really good impression as a good defense you can play the opponent’s backfield. 

#4 D’andre Swift- Running back 

Swift has worked hard for being more durable in a season he is trying to add more muscle to his frame. He missed seven games in the last two seasons combined. In practice sessions, he is looking more speedy and shifty than ever. However, the camp has been facing a problem to defend in the passing game. 

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#3 Malcolm Rodrigues – Linebacker

He might be a surprising element in the camp so far. He has got so many abilities and the best instincts as a linebacker. He uses 4.5 speed to handle football. He might not be a big guy but has the ability to spot football. He has already gained praises from coaches and his teammates

#2 Adian Hutchinson – Defensive Lineman 

Being the number 2 overall pick he has a lot of expectations. However, he has managed to block out the noise and work on his abilities.  During the camp he is looking like one of the best lions they will be hoping he plays the same way in season. 

#1 Jared Golf- Quarterback 

He started the camp right from where he left last season. His passer rating of 101.8 in the final 6 starts with 3-2-1 in that span. Ratings are 6th best in the NFL overall. The friendship coordinator Ban has built the scheme around the things he likes and what he does the best. Looking for a great touch to take on the season.

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