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Don’t tell me Damian Lillard isn’t a winner: Damian Lillard, a $50 million star, redefines what it means to win in the NBA

Since being selected sixth overall out of Weber State in 2012, Lillard has played for the Portland Trailblazers on multiple teams.

CJ McCollum as Dame’s “Robin” and Lamarcus Aldridge and Dame leading the way were the two most successful Blazers iterations over the past decade or more.

Lillard’s last playoff appearance came in 2019, when they lost to a Golden State Warriors team without Kevin Durant in the Western Conference Finals.

He only made it to the WCSF when he was with Aldridge

Through everything, Lady has adhered to his stomach and remained in Portland because of his immovable feeling of faithfulness to the establishment that drafted him.

He has continued to remain with the Blazers despite media and fans alike clamoring about how “hopeless” their situation is for winning a championship.

JJ Redick on Damian Lillard’s success Damian Lillard has already established himself as one of the NBA’s top 75 players despite only playing for a little more than a decade.

Although he has not won a championship or been named MVP, his achievements in the league should not be underestimated.

While speaking with Taylor Rooks, JJ Redick, who has amassed a net worth of $50 million through his playing career and podcasting, stated,

“You can’t tell me Damian Lillard is not a f**king winner.”

Redick believes that winning is more than just earning MVP awards and titles.

Over the past ten or more years, Dame has created a culture in Portland that is beyond inspiring.

Because he is also perhaps the best leader in the NBA today, he is adored by almost every fan base that only looks at a player’s character and poise.

Naturally, Lillard ticks all the boxes for individual greatness without much difficulty.

Because no one else has ever taken shots like his with such ease, his historic shooting is the NBA’s most distinctive asset.

The “Damian Lillard argument” is similar to the “Charles Barkley argument.” During his playing days and on “Inside the NBA,”

Charles Barkley was constantly criticized by Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan for not winning a championship.

Despite the fact that Chuck is without a doubt one of the best frontcourt players of his generation, he does not receive the respect he deserves.

This is simply because, unlike Damian Lillard, he has not won a championship.

Barkley, on the other hand, has stated numerous times that a person is “a winner” in the NBA for a variety of reasons.

Ebanie Bridges, the IBF bantamweight champion, faced Shannon O’Connell in an undercard fight on Saturday,

As the world was getting ready for the main event between Josh Warrington and Luis Alberton Lopez. Bridges was defending her title against O’Connell.

Expectations were high for the defending champion because Bridges’ choice of outfit at the weigh-in, where she also promoted her OnlyFans account, had already attracted a lot of attention.

To Lillard’s delight, Bridges would indeed defeat O’Connell and retain her title.

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