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During a WWE live event match, Brock Lesnar once caused current AEW star

Paul Wight (FKA The Big Show) to sh*t himself with his F5.

When Big Show pinned The Beast Incarnate to win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 2002, it was his first loss by pinfall. Over the next few months, the two superstars competed in a series of matches at WWE live events.

“When I landed on that mat, Brock asks, “Did you st?”I replied, “Yeah,” and he replied, “Hahaha, you st.”After the F5, he continued to step on my stomach while I was lying in the ring as if he were trying to get more blood to come out.

Paul Heyman had also been dumped by him in the ring. The veteran recalled, “That was the end, and then I would usually get up, pull Paul up, throw Paul over my shoulder, and carry Paul out.”
The veteran later stated that “a combination of bad food and Lesnar’s F5 finisher” was to blame for the incident.

Brock Lesnar and Huge Show are old buddies, all things considered

In 2011, Brock Lesnar’s book Demise Grasp hit the racks. It told a lot of interesting stories about his first time working for WWE. In the book, Lesnar gave Big Show a lot of praise and said that the two of them got along well most of the time.

Regarding Lesnar, he reentered WWE in 2012 and is still one of the company’s biggest stars. He recently defeated Bobby Lashley to earn a significant victory at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

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