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ECB to take a big step on racism: Appointed advisor, also created Muslim Athlete’s Charter

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has taken a big decision after the racism scandal. He has appointed Muslim Inclusion Advisor. This advisor will learn from the racism scandal and make sure it doesn’t happen again. The board has also prepared a 12-point Muslim Athlete’s Charter. Nuzum Sports has prepared his Charter. He will work with England’s men’s and women’s teams, as well as 18 county clubs. It will work with the ECB for one year.

Recall that in October last year, former Yorkshire player Azim Rafiq told MPs that English cricket is institutionally racist. After his statement, there was a lot of discussion on racism. Many players had incidents related to racism that happened to them.


Nuzum Sports was created by A Rahman

Nuzum Sports founded in the year 2020 by former Football Association player Abdur Rahman. Its aim was to provide opportunities to Muslim athletes according to their potential. Nuzum Sports prepared a ten-point structure for the year 2021.

Former Yorkshire player Rafiq first spoke of racism in English cricket in September 2020. He spoke publicly about his experiences of racism and revealed the discrimination people have faced against him. Rafiq told ESPN Cricinfo that the club faced “institutional racism”. The club had left him close to taking his own life. A year later, former Yorkshire Academy players also came forward.

One of them, Irfan Amjadi, revealed that he was racially abused by a member of staff, while Tabassum Bhatti said that players urinated on his head. They desecrated the prayer mat of a Muslim player and his Pakistani heritage. Used racist language for the purpose.

ECB official said – we will decide that cricket should be available for all religions. ECB Chief Diversity and Communications Officer Kate Miller said: “Nuzum Sports has been of great help to us. Especially in preparation for Ramadan. He has helped provide practical advice and guidance to many clubs and players.