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New Zealand Legends vs England Legends Preview, Head To Head All You Need To Know

A great match is going to be held on 7th June at Jodhpur ground. You can enjoy this match from 7 pm. Most importantly, this match is going to be between New Zealand and England. Needless to say, this time New Zealand is a brand new team in the road safety series. It’s fun to watch the two legendary teams come face to face. Check New Zealand Legends vs England Legends Preview.

However, England is a very old team in cricket. Not only this, but their record is also very good. The total number of Test matches played in England so far is 1049. Of these, England has won 379 matches and lost 316 matches. Similarly, 354 matches have been drawn. If you look, the whole result is standing at 50-50 state.

New Zealand Legends vs England Legends Preview

New Zealand Legends vs England Legends Preview
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The number of ODIs played in England so far is 761. Where his winning number is 384 and his losing number is 339. The total number of matches played by England in the Twenty20 International is 148. Similarly, the number of matches won here is 77 and the number of losses is 64.

New Zealand, on the other hand, did its best to crown its country the winner. At the same time, this team is known as Black Caps. How can we forget how many great legendary players New Zealand has given us. However, the total number of Test matches played in New Zealand is 456.

Similarly, their winning number here is 109 and their losing number is much higher, which is 179. Moreover, their ODI match total is 778. At the same time, they have lost 374 matches and won 357 matches.

And how can I forget the T20 game? In that game, New Zealand’s total number of games is 160. And here too their losing number is 70 and their winning number is 78 matches.

head to head:

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Who will leave and who will catch! My condition is like this now. Look how many times England and New Zealand have met, I would say there has been a banging match. Because no one is inferior to anyone.

Let me show you a few performance stats. Then I will see how you are not confused like me.

So first we will talk about Test matches. To date, a total of 108 Test matches have been played between New Zealand and England. Similarly here New Zealand has lost more matches and won less.

The number of matches against New Zealand in the England Test is 49. In contrast, New Zealand lost 49 matches. In addition, England lost 12 matches and New Zealand won 12 matches. And on both sides, the match has been drawn 47 times.

The number of ODI matches between England and New Zealand is 91, respectively. Where New Zealand won the match 43 and England won the match 42. As a result, four matches ended without any result and two matches ended in a draw.

The total number of Twenty20 matches between England and New Zealand is 22. England has won thirteen of these matches, while New Zealand has won eight. Similarly, a match ends without any result.

Prediction time!

This is a very difficult matter. Because as I said before, both teams are very strong. At the same time, I know that the scoreboard of New Zealand in front of England is not very good. Again, I can’t say that it is very bad.

The reason is that New Zealand cricket has a very good record. Maybe New Zealand’s record is bad when it comes to England but New Zealand is not a bad team. Besides, I can’t say that England has a very good record in the road safety series.

England played a total of four matches in the 2021 Road Safety Series. And the result of these four matches was 50-50. That means England has won two of the four matches and lost two.

Since the match with the former. And at the same time, New Zealand is the new team here. So it is doubtful how much New Zealand will be able to perform in front of England.

Nonetheless, I would say that New Zealand has a 40% chance of winning. And the remaining 60% is in England. But the rest will tell tomorrow what will happen on the playground.

Last but not least, I wish all the best to both the teams.