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Elden Ring new trailer explains the Colosseums work and game’s next update

FromSoftware has released a new trailer for Elden Ring, explaining how the Colosseums work and revealing when they will be open in the game’s next update.

Elden Ring is once again dominating gaming conversations—not that it ever really stopped—because of The Game Awards. However, it appears that FromSoftware wanted to give fans another reason to talk about it with the upcoming Colosseum update. FromSoftware will open Elden Ring’s Colosseums on December 7 as many fans have been waiting since they were found.

A new trailer for Elden Ring, which features combat in these Colosseums, has been released by FromSoftware. The PVP community has been active for a long time, and many players adhere to the unwritten rules of Elden Ring’s PVP. Now, they can participate in PVP in a different way.

The Colosseums of Limgrave, Lyndell, and Caelid will open their gates to players once Elden Ring’s December 7 update is live. FromSoftware has confirmed that players can participate in duels, free-for-alls, and team fights, but there is still some mystery surrounding these.

Watch here Elden ring colosseum update trailer

With Elden Ring, free-for-all PVP seems like the perfect way to add chaos to the mix. The best part is that some people believed that paid DLC would be added to the Colosseums; It isn’t. Everyone can download the Colosseum update for free.

Naturally, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of premium Elden Ring DLC. It’s curious that this update comes out the day before The Game Awards, given that many fans are hoping to hear about DLC at the event. It’s possible that it’s not there, or it could be just a teaser for a big announcement at The Game Awards. Fans will just have to wait and see what comes of the show for the time being.

Elden Ring nominations at The Game Awards

Elden Ring will be prominent at The Game Awards in any case. Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Best Score and Music, Best Audio Design, and Best RPG are among Elden Ring’s seven nominations.

Elden Ring faces stiff competition from God of War Ragnarok, which received ten nominations—three more than Elden Ring—but it will be interesting to see which game wins more awards and, perhaps, the coveted Game of the Year award, depending on where the competition is strongest.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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