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FIFA 22- top 10 players- Who is your favorite

FIFA 22- top 10 players- Who is your favorite

FIFA 22- top 10 players- Who is your favorite. A new football indicates a new FIFA game to offer some fascinating experience. During this time every year football and sports fans discuss FIFA. FIFA 22 is one of the most loved video games in the world. It was released on Game Pass on June 23, 2022. Let’s check the Top 10 players of FIFA 22.

FIFA 22- top 10 players- Who is your favorite. A new football indicates a new FIFA game to offer some fascinating experience.
  1. Lionel Messi  93 – (RW, Paris St Germain)

Messi made a move from Barcelona to Paris. That shift gave him a £25 million signing fee. 30 the PSG’s new number is targeting to grab the fifth Champions League medal in the upcoming campaign. Messi’s base gold card of FIFA 22 shows:

  • 85 paces
  • 92 shooting
  • 91 passing 
  • 95 dribbling

It’s Messi’s consecutive 3rd year. He has topped the digitized football charts.

  1. Robert Lewandowski  92 -(ST, FC Bayern)

Robert was Third on the FIFA 21 rating list. Based on the data released for FIFA 22 he scored 209 times in 223 games for Bayern. A brilliant 48 of it came last season from just 40 matches. His new card features:

  • 92 shooting
  • 78 Paces
  • 79 passes
  • 86 dribbling
  • 82 physicality

Need to check the upcoming performances of Robert.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo 91 -(ST, Manchester United) 

Only few players in the sporting industry can show such a level of fitness as Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo bagged the Ballon d’Or 5 times. This year he will be aiming to equal Lionel Messi’s record of 6. Ronaldo moved to Manchester United this summer. Now he has hit form straight away. His new card features:

  • 87 paces
  • 93 shooting
  • 82 passing 
  • 88 dribbling
  • 75 physicality
  1. Kylian Mbappe  91 -(ST, Paris St Germain) 

The brilliant talent, Kylian Mbappe is in a mood to impress the world of football with his abilities. Mbappe remained the star player for Paris Saint Germain. He indeed experienced a disappointing EURO campaign. Well, he made a fast start in the new season. At present, he is the joint top scorer of Ligue 1 UberEats. His new card features:

  • 80 passing
  • 92 dribbling
  • 88 shooting
  • 97 paces
  1. Kevin de Bruyne  91 -(CM, Manchester City)

Kevin de Bruyne joins Ronaldo being only 2 Premier League players making it to the top 7. In the last few years, Kevin De Bruyne remained among the best players in the world. This Manchester City player bagged the PFA player of the year award last year. His performance helped the club bag one more league title. His score card features:

  • 93 passing
  • 88 dribbling
  • 86 shooting
  • 76 paces
  1. Neymar Jr  91 -(LW, Paris St Germain) 

After his transfer from FC Barcelona, Neymar’s career faced many injuries. But such injuries cannot stop his amazing player. Whenever he played, he left his mark on the game. Last year EA rated Neymar 91. Fortunately, he retained the same ranking for the new FIFA 22. His score card features:

· 94 dribbling

· 86 passing,

· 83 shooting

· 91 paces

  1. Jan Oblak  91 -(GK, Atletico Madrid) 

Oblak is FIFA 22’s undoubted best-rated keeper. In his kitty, he had 92 handling, 90 reflexes, and 90 positionings. As we see him in the top 7 what does it indicate? It means no defenders make it to the top seven. Jan Oblak remained a strong figure in the goal for Atletico Madrid. This Slovenian international is for sure the most consistent performer in football. His scorecard features are very impressive.

  1. Harry Kane 90 -(ST, Tottenham Hotspur) 

The previous season turned out to be Harry Kane’s career-best one. He completed at the top of the scoring charts. He was also the top in assists for the Premier League. Kane enjoyed an excellent EURO with England. In FIFA 22, Harry Kane got rated 90. Well, that indicates an increase of 2 points from the previous ranking.

  1. N’golo Kante 90 -(CDM, Chelsea) 

Kante remained Chelsea’s best player for the Champions League-winning campaign. He bagged Man of the Match awards for performance in the semi-finals. It secured Chelsea’s passage to the final.

In FIFA 21, Kante got rated 88. It was for his performance in the last season that EA honored him with an increase. The new rating is 90.

  1. Manuel Neuer 90 -(GK, FC Bayern) 

Manuel Neuer enjoyed an exceptional season with Bayern Munich. The club won the league title. But it failed to replicate the success in Europe. But if we check his performance, Neuer did an awesome job. So, EA went with the previous rating for him.

 So here is our top 10 for Fifa 22.

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