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Gautam Gambhir gives hint to team India that in this way they can get legendary players like Kapil Dev

Indian former player Gautam Gambhir gives hint to Team India that in this way they can get a wonderful player like Kapil Dev in the team.

There has been no dearth of batsmen, bowlers in Indian cricket over the years. In these years, the Indian cricket team got one great batsman from one to the other,

Then one brilliant bowler also got their hands. Then whether it is a fast bowler or a spin bowler.

Many such talents have managed to spread their wings in the Indian cricket teams

Gautam Gambhir’s advice to Team India

Today, the place of Indian cricket in world cricket is considered to be at the highest.

But in the meantime, if India has been lacking for years, it is that of the all-rounder. Team India has not seen an impressive all-rounder for the past several years.

Kapil Dev, the former world-winning captain of India, was a big name in the cricket world among all-rounders.

They established his dominance in batting as well as bowling.

But after the retirement of Kapil Dev, many all-rounders came and went, but did not show the same effect as Kapil Dev

The former India opener Gautam Gambhir further said

“I have always believed that international cricket is not about preparing someone, but about performing. Grooming is done at the Domestic and India A levels. When you represent your country, you should be ready to go there and perform straight away.”

Gautam Gambhir think Kapil Dev is a Unique All rounder player

Team India is looking for a bowling all-rounder like Kapil Dev, but such a player is yet to be found.

By the way, this possibility was seen in the past in Hardik Pandya and then from Irfan Pathan.

Irfan’s career could not be long, while Hardik has also been away from the team for a long time.

That is why Gautam Gambhir, a former veteran of the Indian team, has made a big deal about the all-rounders.

Gautam Gambhir has claimed that Indian cricket is looking for a bowling all-rounder but is unable to find it. In such a situation, India should leave this search for the time being.

Gautam Gambhir spoke with Sports Today in which he said that

“If you don’t have something, don’t go for it. You have to accept and move on. Don’t try to make something you can’t make, that’s where the problem lies.”