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How MotoGP fans will receive VIP treatment in 2023

Riders on the track have provided fans with one of the most thrilling seasons in recent memory, complete with unpredictable races and a fierce title battle that is both up and down.

Fans are already looking to reserve their seats trackside for the most thrilling races of the upcoming 2023 MotoGP season, which promises to be another epic one with more circuits than ever before.

Motorsport Tickets will now be able to sell tickets for the MotoGP VIP Village hospitality program.
These tickets, which are already available for the majority of the races in the 2023 season, give fans a better chance to see world-class motorcycle racing at grand Prix events all over the world.

The MotoGP VIP Village offers unparalleled vantage points of action at each and every event. Most of the time, this is above the pitlane, in the infield, or a special marquee that brings fans as close to the action as possible on the track and in the pits.

In addition, the package includes exclusive BMW X5 service road tours and parades (available at certain circuits), rider appearances, pitlane walks between sessions to see the bikes being prepared for racing, and tours of the MotoGP paddock.

In addition, VIP Village attendees have the opportunity to watch the start of Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP races from the pit wall and take advantage of the restricted starting grid area for support series races.

A buffet breakfast and gourmet lunch with sweet and savory bites and an open bar serving beers and wine are offered on-site to keep guests fueled throughout the weekend.

The MotoGP VIP Village costs £1,088 for adults and can be booked for a number of important races in 2023, including the Americas, Spain, and Italy. To begin and book right away,

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