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How much money does Klay Thompson have compared to the other Golden State Warriors teammates?

Klay Thompson’s estimated net worth in December 2022 is $70 million. From NBA contracts, the 6-foot-6 guard has earned nearly $185 million.

He has also made a lot of money by getting endorsements.

His most notable endorsements include the well-known toy brand NERF and the Chinese shoe company Anta.

In his time playing professional basketball, Thompson has achieved great success. He has been selected for five NBA All-Star games and won four championships.

Thompson is regarded as one of the greatest shooters in league history for his illustrious scoring career.

The wealth of Klay Thompson and his teammates will be compared in this article.

This season, we’ll examine each and every Warriors player, including their elite players.

Comparison of Klay Thompson’s wealth to that of Golden State Warriors greats The 32-year-old guard has managed his money very well.

The five-time All-Star should remain in the league for at least four more seasons if no serious injuries occur.

He will probably have earned more than $300 million during his career by the time he retires.

Despite Thompson’s success, his wealth is significantly lower than Steph Curry’s. At the moment, the superstar point guard is worth $160 million.

This is due to the fact that he is the league’s highest-paid player and an experienced entrepreneur.

Draymond Green’s wealth

In comparison to that of the Warriors’ other star players, is $60 million.Green is worth $5 million less than Andrew Wiggins.

Jordan Poole has a $15 million net worth and signed a lucrative contract extension in October.

We anticipate a meteoric rise in his wealth given that he will earn more than $27 million in salary during the upcoming season.

Klay Thompson’s wealth in comparison to that of other team members It may not be fair to compare Thompson’s wealth to that of other team members because most of them do not have huge contracts.

There is, however, one exception.

The Warriors’ roster’s other players and their respective net worths are as follows:

Andre Iguodala has a salary of $80 million. James Wiseman has a salary of $5 million. JaMychal Green has a salary of $5 million. Ty Jerome has a salary of $5 million. Kevin Looney has a salary of $3 million. Donte DiVincenzo has a salary of $2 million. Anthony Lamb has a salary of $1.5 million. Patrick Baldwin Jr. has a salary of $1.5 million. Jonathan Kuminga has a salaryOnly he and Thompson have a greater net worth than Thompson.Klay Thompson has the third-highest net worth of his teammates.

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