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How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire with bonus rewards in January 2022


Free Fire has many in-game items such as skins, characters, and pets. It brings new and exciting elements to the game. Some are purely cosmetic in nature, while others offer in-game advantages. Check How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire.

Diamonds, one of Free Fire’s in-game currencies, are of significant importance because users generally acquire them if they wish to procure exclusive items in the game. 

Even though some of these are available during events that users may obtain by grinding through the missions, most of these need diamonds, the premium in-game currency. They are not always viable for all players.

For these users, here are a few ways to acquire free diamonds in January 2022.

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire

Avenues that players can use to acquire free diamonds in Garena Free Fire (2022)

1) Apps that players can use

Before going ahead, it is worth emphasizing that gamers should not utilize any illicit or third-party application for getting diamonds in Free Fire. These never work and also have severe ramifications in the form of permanent bans.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the best application for obtaining diamonds in Free Fire. This app requires individuals to complete a set of surveys that are sent out to them. Upon completion, they will receive Google Play Credits, which gamers can use to purchase Special Airdrops to get the most value. The application was developed by Google, so there is no uncertainty regarding its authenticity.

  • GPT Apps

Polly and Easy Rewards are two more GPT applications accessible on the market. These demand users to do a variety of tasks such as quizzes, surveys, watching videos, downloading applications, and more.

Players can cash out the rewards, in the form of gift cards and vouchers, for performing the tasks. These can subsequently be utilized to purchase in-game currency. Though these require effort and time, it is worth trying these out.

  • Booyah App Events

Booyah is a Garena application for gaming videos that allow users to watch their favorite content creator play various games. There are a host of events available on the platform which generally require players to watch the clips for a given duration, upload the videos, and get a variety of items, including diamonds.

However, players should note that their Booyah account must be linked to their Free Fire ID in order to avail the offered items.

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire

2) GPT Websites

Several GPT websites like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, license, and more are available on the internet, which gamers can use to free diamonds. They are similar to GPT apps, with the difference being the platform.

It is important to note that the method of cashing out the rewards may differ depending on the specific website that players use.

3) Redeem Codes

Garena releases Free Fire codes usually during the festive season and accomplishments of objectives/milestones. The rewards can often include tons of rewards, including several exclusive cosmetics that usually require diamonds.

Sometimes, the rewards for the redeem codes can involve diamonds as well. Thus, gamers should keep an eye out for these codes.

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