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play free fire Game Online on your mobile without downloading in four Simple Steps?

We will show you how to play Free Fire on your phone without having to download it. Free Fire is right now one of the most famous Android games. Because it offers a wide range of features and interesting gameplay. The battle royale game is popular in India. Check Here How to Play Free Fire Game Online 2021 from Mobile without Downloading.

It is also compatible with almost all Android smartphones, making it the most popular battle royale game on the market. But, not everyone wants to download the game on their Android phones. The engineers have made another approach to play the game on the web, without downloading it. We will show you how to play Free Fire online without having to download it. Let’s start now, so don’t waste any time.

How to Play Free Fire Game Online 2021 from Your Mobile without Downloading

Is it possible to play Free Fire without having to download it? Yes. The game is now part of Google Play Store’s Instant App programmer. You can play Free Fire online before you download it. It is important to remember that this demo is not the full version of Free Fire. This demo gives users a basic overview of the gameplay and other features so they can decide whether to buy the full version.

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  • Open Google Play Store for Android on your tablet or smartphone.
  • In the search bar, type Free Fire, You can also click here to direct download.
  • You will find two options when you open the search result: Install or Try Now.
  • You can play the demo version by clicking on the Try Now button.

The demo version will allow players to compete against six other bots for approximately two minutes. To win, you must kill all six bots. After you’ve played the demo, you may download the full game if you wish. It is important to remember that the download size of the game is approximately 716 MB. You will need at least this much storage to install the game.

How to Play Free Fire Game Online 2021 from Mobile without Downloading
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What is Google Play Instant Apps (GPIA)?

Free Fire, which is part of Google Play Instant Apps, is a feature that many people are unaware of. This feature allows developers to display their apps on Google Play Store. Which users can then download and test online before installing them onto their phones. While the feature was limited to specific applications, Google has made some improvements and now offers this program in the gaming category. Instant games offer users the opportunity to try out the game on their smartphones or tablets without installing anything. Users can leave the game if they don’t like it. This is unlike the case with previous games, where users had to download the game to be able to play the game.

Those who have not yet tried the game can view the demo on Google Play Store to get an even better understanding of how Free Fireworks.

Google Play Store’s Instant App option shows a demo of Free Fire, but it is not the full version. It’s intended to give players a glimpse of the gameplay mechanism and more.

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