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ICC implemented a new rule in T20I format, bowlers making the mistake will have to pay this penalty

The International Cricket Council keeps on implementing new rules to make the game better. Now recently the ICC has announced to implement a new rule in T20I.

The most exciting format of cricket, due to which the bowling team may have to face a lot of problems. Yes, in this quick format, the bowling team will have to pay a penalty for the slow over-rate.

Under this rule, the team that does not complete the over within the stipulated time will have to deploy one less fielder outside the 30 yard circle as a penalty.

Let us tell you that this rule will be implemented from this month.

16 Jan these rules are applicable on both Men and Women Cricket

The new over-rate rule brought by the ICC will be implemented for the first time in the match between West Indies vs Ireland on 16 Jan in Jamaica.

This match will be played at Sabina Park, West Indies. On the other hand, if we talk about the women’s category,

Then the first match in the women’s category will be played under this rule between South Africa and West Indies in Centurion on January 18.

This penality rule which is introduce by ICC is outlined in Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel.

New Rules which are introduce by ICC

There is also a provision for an optional drink break of two and a half minutes between innings, however, this is agreed upon by the members before each series begins.

Players will have to complete their over within a given time otherwise penality will charge on them.

Actually, after the first 6 overs i.e. after the powerplay ends, 5 fielders can be kept outside the radius of 30 yards.

But only 4 fielders can be deployed outside the 30-yard radius for non-compliance with the new over-rate rule implemented by the ICC.

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