In writing, Max Verstappen was named Formula 1 world champion in 2022: This was superior to the title in 2021.

Things have changed a lot this year. This year, I believe, we were more competitive and enjoyed our performance as a team more. Verstappen states, “I would say that this one is better and more rewarding.” After Mattia Binotto’s exit, Charles Leclerc anticipates a “smooth” Ferrari transition.

On Friday night in Bologna, Verstappen won his second trophy in a row, nearly three weeks after his 15th win of the year.

Prior to Verstappen’s feat at Red Bull, which mastered the new F1 regulations with their car, no driver had ever won more than 13 races in a single season.

Verstappen, 25, acknowledged that this year was more enjoyable despite a dramatic and contentious conclusion to the 2021 season that resulted in his first victory.

However, this year has been completely different. I do believe that this year’s performance as a team made us more enjoyable and made us more competitive.

This year has been incredibly charming. I gained that kind of experience last year, when I participated in a title fight for the first time.

Every time I get in the car, I try to force myself to do it.”

After finishing distant second and third, Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez and Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc attended the annual celebration.

This year marked the first time since his first Mercedes season in 2013 that Lewis Hamilton had not finished in the top three. However, the Englishman did not attend last year’s gala due to the contentious outcome of the title fight in 2021.

Verstappen’s win this year, on the other hand, was uncontested.

Verstappen chased down and overtook early leader Leclerc before the summer break, winning nine of the season’s last 11 races to clinch his championship and an F1 record in style, despite a rocky start with two retirements in the first three rounds.

According to Charles Leclerc, runner-up in the championship, Mattia Binotto’s departure as head of Ferrari Formula One at the end of the month won’t affect the team’s performance on the track next season.

In November, Binotto made his resignation public, and the sport’s oldest and most successful team has not yet named a replacement.

Leclerc, who made his debut in 2018 with the Ferrari-powered Sauber team, stated, “I’ve never had a team principal change during when I was racing for the same team.”

Leclerc stated that he respected Binotto’s decision and that Binotto had called him prior to his announcement.

“All I can say is thank you. He has trusted in me right all along, he broadened me with an extremely, long agreement and prior to being group head he was likewise inside the scuderia [team] for the overwhelming majority, numerous years,” he said.

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