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Indian hockey team sponsorship in Odisha is extended until 2033

At the Bureau meeting, which was led by Boss Priest Naveen Patnaik, the decision was made. On the day, the bureau supported 15 distinct recommendations compiled by various offices.

On Monday, the Odisha government made the decision to extend its sponsorship of the People’s Indian Hockey Groups—junior and senior—for an additional ten years, from 2023 to 2033.

At the Bureau meeting, which was led by boss pastor Naveen Patnaik, the decision was made in this manner. On that day, the bureau supported 15 particular proposition from different offices. Following the cabinet meeting, boss secretary P K Jena stated that this assistance will be a crucial step toward the development and improvement of hockey in India because Odisha has been the authority backer of both People Public Hockey Groups since around 2018.

Odisha Mining Corporation Limited (OMC) had previously agreed to sponsor the Indian Hockey Teams (Men/Women, Senior/Junior) for five years, from 2018 to 2023, subject to approval from the government. Jena stated that OMC has committed to sponsoring both teams until January 31, 2033, at which point OMC will release a total of Rs 434.12 crores to Hockey India, excluding any applicable taxes. This responsibility was made because of a solicitation for an expansion of the understanding made by the Leader of Hockey India. On Monday, OMC Ltd requested Cabinet approval, which the government granted.

A significant decision was also made when the cabinet approved the Biju Setu Yojana (BSY) extension until 2025–26 at an additional cost of Rs 3,597.22 crore. The arrangement was sent off by the state government in 2011-12 fully intent on finishing the Rustic Advancement division’s street organization. He stated that the plan was approved to be implemented for a considerable amount of time in 2021-22 and 2023-24, at a cost of Rs 5,182.00 crore, for the execution of 946 extensions (550 new and 396 existing).

In light of a legitimate concern for the general population, Bureau has endorsed the securing of 866 new scaffolds notwithstanding the fruition of existing extensions for an extra use of Rs 3,597.22 crore. This decision was made in light of the fact that bridges are necessary to improve communication and, consequently, the socioeconomic conditions of those who live in rural areas. totaling Rs. Smart metering receives $428 million, Rs. Rs. 4,248 crore for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure 1,509 crore to framework fortifying under the plan. The endeavors will be executed in three years and will be done by 2026.

Also, the Odisha State Commission for In reverse Classes (OSCBC) Act, 1993, was altered by the Cupboard to remember 22 ranks for the OBC Rundown. Subsidies have also been increased by the state government as part of the Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021. This approach was executed on 01.09.2021. Jena stated that national experience and best practices informed the decision to raise the subsidy for new electric vehicle purchases.

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