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India’s 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

The game of cricket is very much liked around the world, but the passion for cricket is very high in India. Everyone is crazy about cricket matches. The Indian cricket team is also one of the world’s finest cricket teams. Indian team has many great games Playing this is achieved. Today we will know about the memorable cricket match played by India. So Check Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches.

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Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

1. 1983 World Cup Finals

Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

This match of cricket is the most memorable match of India’s history, in this match, the first world Cup came to India in the captaincy of Kapil dev, so this match is a golden day for every Indian cricket lover, India performs best against West Indies. Since this was the first time in India that the Cricket World Cup was found in such a situation, it is a match connected to the heart of every cricketer and Indians.

2. india vs Pakistan 2003 World CUP Match

Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

When the live broadcast is broadcast, everyone wants to disappear from the match when India is a match of Pakistan, its reliability is more than the 2003 World World Cup, but India and Pakistan match In the finals like fun. Whenever India is a match of Pakistan, people add it to emotion. Prior to this match, the Indian team did not have

scored more than 222 runs in the World Cup, but with the help of Sachin’s spectacular 98 scores, India makes a score of 278.

3. 2011 Cricket World Cup India Vs Sri LANKA IN MUMBAI

Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the great players of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has played many memorable matches for the Indian team. This was the last World Cup played by Sachin Tendulkar, so Indian people expect that World Cup India would win but This did not happen, after Sachin did not play the world, he retired but it was a memorable match played in Mumbai, which was played between India and Sri Lanka.

4. Winning T20 2007 WORLD FINAL

Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

This moment is very memorable for the Indian viewer, India had played the final against Pakistan in this match at this time the T20 cricket was liked very much in cricket. In such a way T20 World Cup could live without seeing this win. In this match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni managed as a festival in India, managed a great game, and gave a memorable victory to the Indian team.

5. Six, Sixes imposed by Yuvraj Singh

Indias 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches

The Indian team did not lack the prevailing player Yuvraj Singh in the form of an all-rounder, it was specializing in washing any bowler in the form of a deadly batsman, England’s fast bowler Stuart board in T20 World CUP. Since the 6th Six on the 6 balls, Yuvraj Singh’s performance is still very much remembered and Yuvraj Singh’s adequate people still enjoy seeing and definitely Yuvraj Singh damaged the carrier of a fast bowler of England Stuart broad. Yuvraj Singh is a role model of many people and many young generations want to be like yuvi.

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