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Islamic Solidarity games 2021-2022: Venue, Schedule, and history of ISG

Islamic Solidarity games 2021-2022: Venue, Schedule, and history of ISG

Islamic Solidarity games 2021 (ISG)have been organized, and the official announcement of venue and host is made. Let’s find out about the ISG and other information. 

ISG is a multi-sport and multinational event that includes the organization of Islamic cooperation athletes competing in various sports. Initially, the ISG was started to strengthen the Islamic values in youth and Islamic camaraderie. 

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The Islamic conference currently has 57 members across all the Islamic nations. The first Islamic Solidarity games 2021 were held in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 2005. In the first event organized, 7000 athletes(male only) participated from 54 countries to compete against each other in 13 different sports. 

After the first edition, the second was canceled due to a dispute between Iran and the Arab world. The event was scheduled in 2009, however, it was organized again in 2010 in Iran. Since 2010 the ISG has been organized every 4 years. 

The previous hosts of the Islamic Solidarity Games 

Year DatesHost Countries
2005April 8 to 20Mecca, Saudi Arabia
2010CanceledTehran, Iran
2013September 22 to October 1Palembang, Indonesia
2017May 12 to 22
Baku, Azerbaijan
2021( Postponed to 2022)August 9 to 18, 2022Konya, Turkey

The ISG 2022 Schedule and Venue 

Initially, as per the record, ISG was going to hold it in 2021. The fifth edition in 2021 was going to be held in Konya, Turkey. However, the dates conflicted with the 2021 Olympics held in Tokyo. So, it was again postponed in August 2022 after being postponed due to Covid-19. This year, the Islamic Solidarity Games will be held in August in Konya, Turkey. Here’s the Schedule and events of ISG: 

Date Events
August 5, 2022Cycling
August 6, 2022Cycling
August 7, 2022Handball, Swimming, cycling, and table tennis
August 8, 2022Swimming, cycling, handball, table tennis, volleyball, and football
August 9, 2022Opening ceremony, archery, swimming, bocce, football, handball, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, and volleyball
August10, 2022Athletics, swimming, bocce, football, handball, gymnastics, Wrestling, archery, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, and volleyball
August 11, 2022Athletics, wrestling, archery, gymnastics, weightlifting, cycling, handball, shooting, table tennis, swimming, bocce, football, taekwondo, and volleyball
August 12, 2022Cycling, bocce, football, Athletics, wrestling, weightlifting, archery, handball, taekwondo, and volleyball
August 13, 2022Athletics, bocce, football, handball,  wrestling, weightlifting, archery, cycling, taekwondo, and volleyball
August 14, 2022Athletics, cycling, swimming, football, gymnastics, 3×3 basketball, weightlifting, archery, fencing, handball, shooting, table tennis, and volleyball
August 15, 2022Athletics, archery, fencing, swimming, Judo, 3×3 basketball, weightlifting, football, shooting, table tennis, and volleyball
August 16, 2022Swimming, football, shooting, Judo, 3×3 basketball, archery, fencing,  kickboxing
August 17, 2022Fencing, swimming, Judo, 3×3 basketball, archery, gymnastics, karate, kickboxing
August 18, 2022Closing ceremony, karate, archery, gymnastics, and kickboxing

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