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It is doubtful that the BCCI would consider Rohit and Kohli for T20 matches.

The governing body of cricket in India.

In the next days, the Indian cricket board and the team management are likely going to meet with Rohit Sharma, the team’s captain, and Virat Kohli, the team’s vice captain, to discuss the two players’ plans for the future in Twenty20 Internationals. It is known that the two players have made themselves available for selection in the format; nevertheless, it has been learned that they will be convinced to reconsider their participation in Twenty20 matches in the future. When Chetan Sharma’s newly constituted selection panel gets together in the coming days, this subject will also be on the agenda for debate there.

Since the Twenty20 World Cup has come to an end

 the selectors have decided to go with a youthful team that Hardik Pandya will captain for the next series against New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Pandya has dropped more than enough signals that he would lead the team in the long term, but the BCCI has not appointed him as a full-time captain in the format as of yet, and Rohit will continue to serve as the skipper for all formats in the foreseeable future.

The Twenty20 World Cup won’t return to India until 2024, hence the BCCI has decided to provide chances to younger players. In addition, the selectors were instructed to go with a fresh group of players since the 50-overs World Cup is coming up in October and November. Because of this, the organisation sought to minimise the workload of the older players.

Speaking in Guwahati before the first one-day international against Sri Lanka

It was claimed that Rohit is still interested in competing in Twenty20 matches for India’s national side. At the present, it has become quite evident that the World Cup for this year will be played over the course of 50 overs. It is not feasible for some of the men to play all of the different forms. If you look at the schedule, you’ll see that the matches are consecutively scheduled. As a result, we came to the conclusion that we needed to examine the workload of some players and make certain that we provided sufficient break time and managed them well. My experiences are consistent with that description. This year, we only have six T20s available. However, there is no question in my mind that I will not be abandoning the format.

Despite this, it is quite improbable that the BCCI would include the pair in their T20 plans. It is common knowledge that the board intends to field a whole new squad for the Twenty20 competition and that it gives preference to players who can easily adapt to the new format, which requires batters to begin their at-bats with an aggressive mindset. India’s top order has struggled to capitalise on the powerplay overs in each of the previous T20 World Cups, therefore the country has adopted a more cautious strategy as a result. And a significant portion of it was attributable to the fact that Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, and Virat Kohli were ranked in the top three despite the fact that the three of them are not the fastest to get off the blocks.

Twenty20 World Cup

India is seeking to modify that facet of their game and bring in a more aggressive attitude with the bat in preparation for the next Twenty20 World Cup. In the run-up to the Twenty20 World Cup, India experimented with a daring and aggressive strategy, but they decided to abandon it once they arrived in Australia. Pandya has already made it very obvious that the aggressive strategy need to be in place; hence, it is essential that the selectors choose the appropriate players for this purpose.Because of this, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the team management, and the selectors are all prepared to move on from Rohit and Kohli in Twenty20 Internationals.

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