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It is likely that Chetan Sharma will continue to serve as the BCCI’s chief selector: Sources

Chetan Sharma, a former Indian cricket player, is likely to continue as chief selector, according to sources who spoke with NDTV. From December 2020 until the end of last year, he was in charge of the men’s BCCI determination board of trustees.

After the Chetan Sharma-led selection panel was disbanded in November, the BCCI began the process of appointing a new panel late last year. On the other hand, it’s likely that Chetan won’t lose his job right now. In addition, the panel’s shortlist included interviews with at least seven former Indian cricketers on Monday. There are 13 former players on the short list, and interviews will continue on Tuesday.

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which was led by Ashok Malhotra, conducted interviews with the potential candidates for the national selection committee. The CAC interviewed Chetan Sharma, Harvinder Singh, Amay Khurasia, Ajay Ratra, SS Das, S Sharath, and Connor Williams on Monday. Venkatesh Prasad wasn’t shortlisted. According to sources, Harvinder Singh is also likely to remain on the selection panel.

The BCCI communicated before in November 2022 to charmed contenders, “Should have played no less than 7 Test matches, 30 Five star matches, 10 ODI matches, and 20 First rate coordinates.” “Should have retired from the game at least 5 years ago,” the candidates add. The last day to apply for the positions was November 28.

“No individual will be qualified to be an individual from any Cricket Panel (as characterized in the standards and guidelines of BCCI) for a sum of five years,” the BCCI stated in a public statement in spite of these considerations.

In the same press release, the BCCI listed eight “main job duties/responsibilities” for the selectors. They consist of:

  1. It is essential to select the best team in a fair and open manner.
  2. The Senior Men’s Public Group is able to identify key areas of strength by planning and getting ready.
  3. Participate in team meetings as needed.
  4. Watch games at home as well as overseas.
  5. Each team will submit quarterly evaluation reports to the BCCI Apex Council.
  6. As directed by the BCCI, discuss the team selection with the media.
  7. Pick a skipper for each organization’s group.
  8. Follow the guidelines established by the BCCI.

Two of the most crucial aspects of the job domain that were never mentioned in previous advertisements for the selection committee are the appointment of a captain for each format and the preparation and submission of a quarterly evaluation report of each team’s performance to the Apex Council of the BCCI.

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