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NBA Player James Harden Net Worth 2021: Salary, Income Source, Achievement, Stats


James Edward Harden Jr. is an American professional and popular basketball player. Harden plays for the NBA. He is also recognized as the best shooting guard in the NBA. Basketball lovers definitely know about them, they are very popular for their game, let’s know many other things about them like Salary, Income Source, Achievement, etc. So Check James Harden Net Worth 2021.



James Harden was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. His father’s name is James Harden Sr. And his mother’s name is Monja Willis. His height is 196 cm and his weight is 100 kg. He is a great basketball player with an excellent physique, who is the most professional player in his team, who is very popular in the world as the best basketball player.

James Harden Net Worth 2021

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NBA Player James Harden Net Worth 2021, Salary

James Harden is a better sportsman who lives like a celebrity James Harden’s net worth is $165 million, according to a Forbes report, Harden earns a lot from endorsements, he earns around $19 million through endorsements. Apart from this, they earn money from many other fields.

James Harden is known as the most expensive player in the NBA. He was signed for the most expensive NBA contract in 2017. According to 2020, James was ranked 17th in the list of the most expensive paid players in the athlete, he was in 2021. It is expected that he can get a salary of around $ 40 million, from this you can get an idea of ​​his earnings.

Income Source of James Harden

James Harden is the most expensive promoter of the big shoemaker Adidas As we know, Harden earns most of the money from endorsements. Earlier Nike used to promote the company’s product but now he is associated with Adidas. In 2015, he signed a $ 200 million deal with Adidas, which means that he earns about $ 15 million every year from here.

Harden is also a signature shoe line with Adidas. In addition, they do endorsements for Beats Electronic, Body Armor, Stance Socks, etc. They generate approximately $19 million annually through investments alone.

Status and Achievement of James Harden

Harden is a talented player who puts his best experience into playing alongside his team.

The first match was won by OKC in the 2012 final, but it was followed by a 4–1 win thanks to the NBA’s excellent performance and Harden’s wisdom.

Harden then joined the Houston Rockets the following year and provided full support for his team.

Although Harden plays for his team, he was awarded a personal award during 2017–18. He is a player who made history by scoring 60 points as part of a triple-double and took the NBA team to new heights.

In June 2018, Harden was selected as the MVP of the season in the 24 years that a Houston Rockets player had won the award.

James Harden is a successful basketball player as well as a successful person who is doing better in life and is making a place in the hearts of his fans as a successful player.

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