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Jasprit Bumrah and Marco Jensen clash in 2nd test match between India and South Africa

In the second test match atmosphere of the match catches heat when Jasprit Bumrah and Marco Jansen fight on the ground.

Both have also spent some time together in the Mumbai Indians camp, and they both are calm in nature.


But in this very important match, both the bowlers could not control their emotions and clashed with each other.

Just before this incident KL Rahul and Elgar fought on the ground

Jasprit Bumrah and Marco Jensen clashes on ground

Jasprit Bumrah and young South African bowler Marco Jansen clashed during Team India’s second innings on the third day of the Johannesburg Test today.

Actually, this matter started in the 54th over of the second innings of the Indian team. During this over, Jenson bowled some bouncer balls to Bumrah.

One ball from this, Bumrah tried to hit a big shot on the leg side but the ball hit his body instead of hitting his bat.

After this, the young bowler started staring at the batsman Bumrah and was seen saying something, after which Bumrah also got angry and started going from the bowler’s side.

Jasprit Bumrah played well in the Second test match

However, after that Bumrah also hit a brilliant six off a shot pitch ball of Kagiso Rabada in the very next over, seeing which the entire Indian dressing room was thrilled.

When both the players came close to each other, their physical condition was looking a bit aggressive.

Seeing this, the umpire quickly came to both of them and separated them from each other.

Fans liked this style of both the players and people also made many jokes about it on social media.

Earlier on the tour of England also, Bumrah had a similar debate with the players of England.

After which the players of England had to face very dangerous bouncer balls off Bumrah.

Now it will be very interesting to see here as well, how does Bumrah appears after this debate.

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