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Jeremy Lin fined by Chinese Basketball board over Coronavirus

The Chinese Basketball Relationship fined previous New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin on Friday over remarks he made in regard to Coronavirus quarantine offices, as per The Related Press.

According to the league, Lin, who currently plays in the CBA for the Guangzhou Loong Lions, made “inappropriate remarks about quarantine hotel-related facilities” at the hotel where the team stayed Wednesday before a game.

The remarks “had a negative impact on the league and the area of competition.”
What Lin said was not specified by the league. A Shanghai-based news outlet, The Paper, claims that Lin uploaded a video to social media in which he voiced his displeasure with a hotel gym in Zhuji.

Later, the video was taken down, and Lin referred to the weight room as “garbage.”According to reports, the hotel was used for short-term stays that were required by China’s and the CBA’s COVID-19 policies.

For his remarks, Lin received a fine of roughly $1,400, or $10,000 yuan.
As a result of COVID-19 outbreaks and protests against China’s “zero COVID” policy, tensions are rising in China.

Throughout the pandemic, China has enforced extremely stringent lockdowns and tracing procedures, despite the fact that new cases have reached an all-time high in the country, according to The New York Times.

On Thursday alone, there were over 36,000 cases on average, almost all of which were new infections.
In recent days, large-scale protests against lockdowns have taken place in a number of cities, prompting officials to relax some restrictions after a stringent crackdown.

After a breakout season with the Knicks, Lin played for eight NBA teams and won a title with the Toronto Raptors. During his time with the Beijing Ducks, he averaged 13.4 points and 4.7 assists per game.

In Guangzhou, he has scored 3.5 points in four games this season.

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