Jordan Poole Says He’s Being Protected Like Steph Curry The Golden State Warriors guard believes he is being protected like Steph Curry

After signing a significant contract extension, it was obvious that Jordan Poole could no longer go unnoticed.

This is probably true even if the contract hadn’t been extended because Poole was a big part of Golden State winning the NBA Championship last season.

However, it’s clear that opposing defenses are now much more focused on him than they were at the beginning of his career.

Poole was not always a player of this caliber, having been selected late in the first round and playing in multiple G-League competitions.

He is adjusting to the increased defensive attention he is receiving now that he is a key piece off the bench for a Warriors team that wants to defend its title.

Poole claims that second units are protecting him in the same way that starting units are protecting Steph Curry.

In a new meeting with The Athletic, Poole said, “How individuals are watching Steph in the primary unit is the manner by which they’re monitoring me in the subsequent unit.

I receive the same coverage as he does when we aren’t on the court together.”

Even though Poole might think so, there is no other player in the NBA who is subjected to the kinds of coverages that Steph Curry is every night.

Steph Curry is frequently double-teamed one step inside of the half court by teams, but Poole does not frequently encounter this situation.

Although the defense has paid more attention to Poole than in previous years, it has not reached Steph Curry’s level.

The Golden State Warriors a heartbreaking loss in an unbelievable crazy finish

The Utah Jazz’s Simone Fontecchio won the game with 1.4 seconds left on a dunk, giving the Golden State Warriors a heartbreaking loss in an unbelievable crazy finish.

The game appeared to be over in the final seconds

With less than ten seconds remaining, the Warriors held a four-point lead that should have been larger but for two crucial missed free throws.

However, Jordan Poole was stripped of an inbounds pass following a triple by Malik Beasley with 6.9 seconds remaining, which ultimately resulted in the game-winning final play.

In a back-and-forth game at Vivint Arena, the Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Utah Jazz by a heartbreaking score of 124 to 123.

Golden State was without Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, and Utah was without Lauri Markkanen and Mike Conley when they entered the game.

In a fast-paced, high-scoring first half, the Warriors quickly found their offensive groove after a slow start in the first few minutes.

Before the teams traded buckets in the second, Poole led Golden State to a five-point lead and 35 points in the first quarter.

James Wiseman returned to the game during that time period as well, scoring three points, grabbing two rebounds, and providing an assist in five minutes of action.

It was Poole however who drove the Fighters offense in Curry’s nonattendance, recording 21 focuses and five helps as he inhabited the free-toss line in the principal half.

Despite Utah’s 54.5 percent shooting, the Warriors held a three-point lead thanks to a 9-4 offensive rebounding advantage.

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