Kevin Durant and Steph Curry’s previous mentor gets assault charges against him excused

Rob McClanaghan, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry’s former trainer, is said to have had rape charges against him dropped. We examine the entire narrative as the skill development trainer was the subject of serious accusations earlier.

Rob McClanaghan worked as a skills coach for some of the best NBA players. McClanaghan had a rather impressive clientele, including Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. However, the 43-year-old man was detained in downtown Boston on charges of rape and drugging for intercourse.

McClanaghan was in line for some serious charges because of the nature of the case. The trainer got the charges dropped, which is a good thing. Kevin Hayden, Suffolk County assistant district attorney, issued the following statement:

Based on a review of all of the evidence that is available, including information that came to light after the defendant was arrested, Massachusetts cannot demonstrate these charges beyond a reasonable doubt at the trial.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski’s report, additional remarks regarding Hayden’s offense included the following:

“In all cases, it is our responsibility to follow the evidence wherever it leads.” That effort does not always result in a successful prosecution. When that conclusion is reached, it is our responsibility to acknowledge it and take the appropriate action. Today, we have taken the necessary action. We will refrain from making any additional remarks out of respect for the privacy of all parties involved.”

After McClanaghan was extradited to Massachusetts, his initial bail of $30,000 was reduced to $10,000. Kelli Porges, McClanaghan’s attorney, released the following statement after the charges against her client were dropped:

“Rob and his family are glad that this nightmare is over and that he was found not guilty. Since the beginning of this case, Rob has maintained his innocence, and he has now been found not guilty.”

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are among Rob McClanaghan’s other clients.

Rob McClanaghan’s clientele of NBA players is quite impressive. In addition to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, McClanaghan has worked independently as a skills trainer for other league’s top players.

McClanaghan has been linked to players like Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love in the past. It goes without saying that his training is of a high quality.

Kevin Durant is still one of the league’s best offensive forces. Durant has remained a scoring threat whenever he has played this season, despite the forward’s struggles with injuries.

In the meantime, Steph Curry’s name speaks for itself. Curry has won the NBA four times and is the MVP of the Finals four times. The Dubs will hope to see the superstar of the Golden State Warriors return to his offensive rhythm after recovering from an injury.

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