League of Prime Volleyball: With their victory over the Chennai Blitz, the Kolkata Thunderbolts secure a spot in the semifinals

At the Regional Sports Centre in Kochi on Monday. Kolkata Thunderbolts defeated Chennai Blitz by scores of 15-12, 15-9, 15-14, 15-13, and 10-15.

On Monday, Kolkata Thunderbolts defeated Chennai Blitz at the Regional Sports Centre in Kochi. By scores of 15-12, 15-9, 15-14, 15-13, and 10-15 to earn a berth in the semi-finals of the Prime Volleyball League’s second season.

Because of his explosive performance, Vinit Kumar was named the match’s player of the game.
Early on, Chennai’s overpasses were easily destroyed by Kolkata’s defense.

Vinit began striking the Blitz’s defense with powerful spikes. Cody Caldwell and Jose Verdi worked together in the middle to stop Jobin Varghese, who looked dangerous.

The Thunderbolts regained control after Janshad continued to arrange the balls for Vinit on the platter.
The Blitz made up for the deficit because Akhin GS controlled the middle.

Vinit, on the other hand, stood tall and strong to stop Moyo’s spike and keep Kolkata in control.
The Thunderbolts secured an essential point thanks to Cody’s prompt review.

Blitz’s defensive mistakes did not help their cause. Chennai kept finding small openings to make a comeback while Moyo controlled the game.

Abhilash Chaudhary came to life just as Sita Rama began to threaten from the middle. Giving Kolkata’s attacks an extra flair.

The combination of Janshad and Vinit continued to challenge Chennai’s defense. Abhilash’s block assisted the Thunderbolts in confronting Jobin’s attacks.

The Blitz was able to score after Kolkata made a few unforced errors. But Chennai’s resistance was broken by a combination play started by Cody. The Thunderbolts won easily to advance to the semifinals.

On the fifth day of the Kochi leg of the Prime Volleyball League. Bengaluru Torpedoes will face Calicut Heroes at the Regional Sports Centre (Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium) on February 28 at 1900 IST.

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