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Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Breakdown of December 2021

Lewis is born on 7 January 1985, born racer from Stevenage, England. Where his full title can be referred to as Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. He made his debut Formula 1 in the year 2007. His first race was with McLaren. McLaren and he stayed with them until 2012. Check Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Breakdown.

 Lewis Hamilton is one of the most adored Formula 1 stars. With many records to his name and seven World Championships. He has earned his place among the greats of all time in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Breakdown

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Breakdown

A talent such as Hamilton isn’t. In 2o18, Hamilton signed the team with a two-year extension of his contract to the organization. The contract included an initial payment of $30 million. Bonuses that could reach upwards of 50 million (according to Forbes) in 2019 and the 2020 season. Forbes estimated his worth at $54 million in May 2020. This consists of $12 million in endorsements by themselves. The total earnings of his career make the total net worth $285 million.

 In February 2021 The Billion Dollar Man signed an uncommon one-yr. agreement in partnership with Mercedes for the season 2021. He is earning a base income of $55 million. In the following season, Hamilton has also signed another two-year deal with the Brackley outfit and giving Hamilton a seat in F1 until 2023. But, Hamilton’s pay was cut by a significant amount according to reports, and the figure was at around $41 million.


His debut came in the year 2007 at McLaren and was awe-inspiring right from the beginning. He was also impressive in 2008 when he was the winner of the first World Championship, thus declaring his talents to the world.

It was in 2013 when he made the move into Mercedes which was a midfield club at the time. But, the team’s fortunes were reversible during the 2014 campaign. From 2014 till 2020, Lewis Hamilton ruled, handiest dropping the 2016 championship to his teammate, Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton: Stats and Championships

Being quick and consistent has allowed him to get to the place he is today Seven World Championships and 99 races win. Also, with 101 poles and counting, He holds the record for a position in Formula One, ahead of second-placed Michael Schumacher with 68.

The 2007 season was his debut and brought him many awards: Most wins in the debut season (4) The Many Pole Positions in a debut season (6) and the most points in the debut season (109) and the Many Consecutive Podium Positions in his debut season (9) as well as the youngest driver to lead the Championship (achieved in 2007 at the Spanish Grand Prix). The championship race of 2019 was a success, with him finishing with 413 points. This is a World record of the highest number of points a driver can earn in an entire season. Besides with 347 points he was awarded the world championship in 2020 which was equal to the record set by Schumacher of seven.