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Max Verstappen Girlfreinds List with Photos

Max Verstappen is a 23-year-old Belgian-Dutch Formula 1 Racer. Born and raised on September 30, 1997, in Hasselt, Belgium. Max is a well-known Formula 1 driver of the Red Bull Racing team. The girlfriend of Verstappen Kelly Piquet came into the spotlight. When the driver took a moment to celebrate the victory in Monaco. Victory with the 32-year old and kissed her in the front in front of the audience. Check Max Verstappen Girlfreinds List.

 In the Australian Grand Prix in 2015 Verstappen made his F1 debut. He was the youngest sport driver ever at the age of 17 and only 166 days old. Since his debut with 119 races, He has had a high finish in a variety of races. On May 23, 2021, having won the Monaco Grand Prix. Verstappen was the first Dutch racer to take the lead at the World Championship. Max is currently in a relationship with Brazilian model Kelly Piquet, the ex-girlfriend of another F1 racer. Let’s an overview of Max’s dating the past.

Max Verstappen Girlfreinds List

Max Verstappen Girlfriend, Kelly Piquet?

Kelly is a native German although her roots stem from Brazil because she was raised there. Kelly is the child of famous F1 world champion Nelson Piquet. Through their social media profiles, Verstappen and Piquet made their relationship public.

Verstappen, as well as Piquet, have also shared an image of themselves on their Instagram handle in the past year. Which highlights Max Verstappen’s love for Piquet and an ode to the couple at the beach? Kelly has been with Daniil Kvyat who changed into the previous AlphaTauri alongside Red Bull Formula 1 Russian racer. For 3 months from August 2016 till December 2019. The couple also has one daughter.

When did they first begin dating?

The couple has kept their relationship very private. But word came out that they ended things off towards the close of 2017. Verstappen changed into so in love with Sanlik that he immediately invited Sanlik for dinner with his whole family. Which protected the mythical racer Jos and his sister Victoria who also participates in motorsport.

F1 Driver Max Verstappen Dating History

In the year 2020, at the conclusion, Verstappen split up from Dilara Sanlik who had been the two formed a long-term relationship. Verstappen, as well as Sanlik, began to interact with each other in 2017, and Sanlik was also often seen at racing weekends on the F1 paddock.

As of 2015, Max was a lover of Scottish racing star Mikael Ahlin Kottulinsky. They first met at a young racers’ summit. But they broke up their relationship in 2016 due to personal reasons that are not known in the eyes of the media.

Max was said to have been having a relationship with Joyce Godefridi the same year in which he reportedly discussed things with Mickael, his ex-GF. The connection with Joyce was not confirmed as nobody has confirmed it. Rumors ceased when they decided to stop having a drink.

What other people have Max Verstappen ever dated?

Young Verstappen was before associated with many women. A lot of them had been short-time period relationships like the Instagram version of Joyce Godefridi and Roos Van Der Aa. Dutch Hockey athlete Maxime Pourquie was said to have been swept away by a friend from the country.

At the same time, Max was in a relationship with racer Sabre Cook, and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky throughout his initial racing career. American racing star Sabre Cook may be an acquaintance of Max Verstappen early in his career.

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